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Sedan Forex Robot (Genom SedanForexRobot )

Förstärkning : -97.52%
Uttag 99.17%
Pips: -973.6
Trades 873
Typ: Verkligt
Hävstångseffekt: 1:500
Handel: Automatiserad

Sedan Forex Robot Diskussion

May 14 2015 at 06:25
17 inlägg
Hi, has anyone purchased this EA and had some experiences they can share - good or bad?
May 14 2015 at 11:02
50 inlägg
EA is a martingale if you see. It should be used with parameters very wise as all the martingale. Do not think the immediate profits, but the board!
With martingale is 0.01 and the positions of repurchase away in 300-500 pips. It is just a suggestion!
May 26 2015 at 05:15
272 inlägg
Drawdown 13.64% is INCORRECT. On April 29th GBPUSD reached -$1,079 and EURUSD about -$500. Thus about 50% of the equity at the time.
Jul 26 2015 at 15:01
7 inlägg
this system has auto lot?
FerchoFX (fer_LF)
Jul 28 2015 at 04:18
82 inlägg
I sent two emails to the vendors but they did not respond....I want to know if this EA works with default settings, if they provide set file
Aug 18 2015 at 13:56
134 inlägg
It will fail. This strategy has been sold time and again just to fail and resurface with a new name.
Be afraid, very afraid?
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