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Soliton Falcon

Förstärkning : +111.41%
Uttag 34.42%
Pips: 2393.8
Trades 1263
Typ: Verkligt
Hävstångseffekt: 1:33
Handel: Automatiserad

Soliton Falcon Diskussion

Sep 18 2013 at 16:08
47 inlägg
What happened in March and April 2013? I see you use a custom start date that hides a 51.49% loss over those two months, most of it over two scary-looking days in March.

Are you now using a new trading strategy? Have you made some changes to avoid this happening again?
Velocity Market Trading (S247trading)
Sep 19 2013 at 07:54
2 inlägg
Hi Baren,

Before April this broker account was traded manualy in unsystematic way. Since April 20 the account has been installed with Soliton Falcon robotic system and left almost unattended. This is why we put custom date for the start. You can see gradual automatic increase in position sizes, totally automated enries and exits, unpredictable timing ...

There is a periodic manual intervention in terms of installing new backtested robots into the system (~12 now), switching off the system before significant market events.

Almost all other SolitonTrading systems (search SolitonTrading) are positive, with Return (10-50%). Falcon, with 83%, is the best so far because it is VERY conservative (trades only few times per week).

Can the winning streak be continued? Noone knows... What we suspect that if the big drop arrives, it will be gradually faded out by the stream of high probability backtested trades, similar to Soliton Victor. Even if it drops 30-40% and left us with 30-40% annual ROI, it is still very decent result, for conservative traders like we are.

We are not punters chasing 100% returns... Our goal is to make 20-30% ROI, compounded for multiple years.
Sep 19 2013 at 14:12
47 inlägg
OK, thanks for the information.
Sep 19 2013 at 15:49
10 inlägg
Hi, can I purchase or subscribe to this system?
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