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SuperHeroAI (Genom rangsarn)

Förstärkning : +132443.31%
Uttag 11.10%
Pips: 7083060.0
Trades 1539
Typ: Verkligt
Hävstångseffekt: 1:888
Handel: Automatiserad

SuperHeroAI Diskussion

Jun 06 at 06:07
840 Visa
6 Replies
Medlem sedan Jun 21, 2019   4 inlägg
Jun 18 at 23:32
Hi, all.
Bot use AI not for sell.
Keep life simple.
Medlem sedan May 19, 2023   166 inlägg
Jul 08 at 15:38
@rangsarn And profit just 4.39% and now floating DD 3.60% in total 4 years of trading.
My bank give me 7% per year, so it mean if i will keep my money in bank account for a 4 years, i will get 28% of profit, and 0 in DD.
Please stop manipulate with Deposit and Withdrawal.
Everyone looking for Absolute Gain, not for balance.
Medlem sedan Jun 21, 2019   4 inlägg
Jul 10 at 02:12
I not selling anything.
I just try to run test my AI bot and keep statistics.
Sorry for all if my bot make that statistic.
Keep life simple.
Medlem sedan Jun 21, 2019   4 inlägg
Jul 13 at 19:26
To everyone, please be aware that I have never distributed my bot to anyone. If anyone has received a bot from someone, please know that it is not me, and you are being deceived by someone claiming to be me. With concern, thank you.
Keep life simple.
Medlem sedan Jul 31, 2009   1442 inlägg
Sep 07 at 04:41
Kindly be aware that the deleted messages originated from an individual who impersonated the original user through a similar username and the use of the original user's profile image. Make sure you double check who you are corresponding with to avoid the risk of falling victim to fraudulent activities
Also, when presented with contact details such as telegram, email, etc. make sure these are the official contact details of the original user.

Myfxbook Support.
Medlem sedan Sep 13, 2023   2 inlägg
Sep 13 at 19:20
Hi, does your AI bot work? is it possible to see and copy trades?
Medlem sedan Jun 21, 2019   4 inlägg
Sep 17 at 12:13
Jackob32 posted:
Hi, does your AI bot work? is it possible to see and copy trades?
i am working with it. please wait.
Keep life simple.
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