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Volatility Factor 2.0 Pro REAL (Genom volatility2pro )

Förstärkning : -37.89%
Uttag 68.30%
Pips: 343.0
Trades 1615
Typ: Verkligt
Hävstångseffekt: 1:500
Handel: Automatiserad

Volatility Factor 2.0 Pro REAL Diskussion

AhmadR (Raeleigh)
Oct 13 2022 at 08:53
69 inlägg
When display all the history of only loss. Hiding loss through Custom Analysis' tool is not good. This just proves that it doesn't work.


Oct 14 2022 at 08:01
1 inlägg
Myfxbook is a system that allows you to check everything, so nothing is hidden at all. If you want you can always check the whole history. Therefore, there is nothing to say to your comment. If you don't like something you can just miss it. There is no obligation to do anything for the EA we share.

All information is visible and public in myfxbook, all you have to do is to check them and analyze. If we want we can HIDE REAL account and show you ONLY demo, so this is a prove for our expert advisors. So, we do not hide our real account.

We hope you will show respect and understand us.

Thank you for your feedback, we apricate it.
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