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EzraKates 5 hours ago
mORNING LADIES AND GENTLEMENT , any scalpers here, what do you recommend for today's trades.
Ashraful Alam
fxsniper_bd Aug 02 at 19:50
any H1 scalper here? plz knock me
wavesscoutforeX Jul 30 at 05:53
Johndxb Jul 15 at 17:03
I hope EU will drop till 1.7930
kristian12 Jul 14 at 20:17
tell me your opinions
kristian12 Jul 14 at 20:17
i am looking to enter short at the 1h tf zone :1.18532/1.18358
Martin_55 Jun 07 at 16:42
Good job done here
Dibakar Biswas
Dibakar1987 May 21 at 08:57
I think the market price up to near 1.2345. But I am fully confused .
alazare619 May 04 at 16:59
lingrobert Mar 31 at 08:55
I'm 50 50 on this... we gonna see how ADP works out. wait for the data and then decide is a wiser choice here. I do see the potential but down pressure is overwhelming.
FXmansion Nov 02 2020 at 23:50
Looks bullish near term. May see it run up 40 pips the next 24 hours.
willydee May 25 2020 at 08:38
I dont fully agree with thiis
Ben4real Sep 18 2019 at 14:25
good trend line, thanks for the good job!!!