christop Jul 29, 2012 at 11:56
Dear myFXbook owners and staff,

Hello I am writing to you to urge you to not allow Forexringleader to use your services and advertise here. They are advertising and claiming that they never lose money and they have a 100 percent guarantee to not blow your account. Recently a very good friend of my here in Sydney was scammed by them out of $5000. I know the only reason he initially went with them was because of their claims of "1300% gain" as verified in myfxbook. he based his decision on the reputation of your website.

The forex industry is full of con men and rip offs who are out to make money on guilble hard working people. Please do not allow your web site to be "tainted" by criminal organisations such as Forexringleader. traders need to protect and stand up for their industry and livelihood by exposing these dirty con artists and it demeans and brings down myfxbook when these money ripoff merchants and fraudulent foreign exchange companies are allowed to proliferate here unchecked.

Yours sincerely,
C Mayhew
Sydney Australia

Scam alert! Forex ringleader is a total scam! One of their Sydney based clients recently invested $5000 into their 'fully managed FX account' With in 3 weeks Forex Ring leader had traded their $5000 account down to $4 dollars in less then 8 trades. They did this by over leveraging and then blaming the broker FXCM on the mistake...No refund was given and all client contact was ceased. For more information regarding forexringleaders please contact myself on 61413029789 email casmayhew [at]