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I am Kamalzakhoy graduated from college of physics science, and as you know physics is the philosophy of nature with all of its contains, and among these contains is Forex, I benefited a lot from my experiences in physics about the schemes and how to use and its guidelines that reflect on the reality in all area of life, where before several years ago I configure the system of my own in the forex trading and thanks for God it was very successful, my system names Hotpip Forex and it's integrated system, not available yet anywhere, I have tried this system on my real account for more than one year,The specialty of this system is obtaining money from currency market every day whether if there is economic news or not. This system contains both Technical and Fundamental analysis when there is a very important economic news that may affect currency market daily range, but often this affect is temporary, this system is combining between finding more accurate signals and money management, our goal is obtain more than 200 pips a day, and pares to trade is GBP, USD, EUR, and JPY with each other.

Handel stil:
The specialty of our system is obtaining money from currency market every day whether if there is economic news or not. Over the past years we were able approve the successfully of our system, where even in cases where the market is very slow we obtain so many pips, as we know, economic news affect the currency market, but it is always temporary, and that is why we in our system rely too much on technical analysis with taking cure about fundamental analysis in cases of strong economic news happen that could affect the currencies market range, and this helps us not to be blinded by technical.

Few points about our trading style:
Our trading is very much based on technical, and that is why we don't hold positions for along time but rarely we need to hold positions open for days or even weeks. We trade for technical analysis with and without news events on a daily basis. We only close open positions when all fundamentals and technical indicate the change in the markets. Our trading system contains both finding more accurate signals and money management. We only take trades that even if it goes against us we believe it will at least retest our entry levels. All trades are executed manually, NO ROBOT is used, it's purely directed by very professional forex traders. All Trades are also closed manually or automatically when TP level is reached.

Best Regards
Hotpip Forex Team


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