Paul S
Paul S May 04 2012 at 16:06
I would question the notion that the 'signal service' is truly as advertised, as It does not appear that any 'human' is managing these trades WHATSOEVER. In any case, the 'EA' started out doing very well for six weeks, albeit with significant DD, was even UP over $600 on a $1500 account...but it just could NOT recover from the 425+ upswing in the GBPUSD pair last week 4/16- 4/27, and like Graeme stated, continued to add more and more LARGER LOT SELL positions to an already marginally STRAINED account. The only saving grace I had was to manually CLOSE out either positions, or reduce lot sizes on negative open trades. The 'EA' then ended up CLOSING out 3 $200+ trades, which essentially WIPED out my profit (all in 1 DAY, mind you), and I had to close out $500 worth of principal just to SAVE what was left of my account!!

The customer service did not adequately address my concerns, other than to say the 'it will come back' and 'not to worry'...well regardless of 'it will come back' and 'not to worry', the 'service' STILL wiped out 5 weeks of profit in a DAY, and forced me to close out $500 worth of principle...

Word of advise; if you decide to buy this 'service' BE WARNED...the default settings will NOT WORK for you unless you have at LEAST 10k to 'play' with...Sure you will make decent money for a while, BUT since the default allows the 'EA' to trade up to $20/ better WATCH OUT or you too will get BURNED!!