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cTrader Recension av poäng

Sammanlagd poäng: 3.9 / 5

Totalt antal röster: 221
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cTrader Diskussion

Mar 13 2020 at 09:17
2 inlägg
Jul 20 2019 at 09:16
2 inlägg
cTrader ... for the intelligent trader

Feb 03 2019 at 08:30
11 inlägg
I like overall - not perfect but very close. They can improve some things and be the best quite easily.

Jim KAUK (JimKauk)
Nov 25 2018 at 08:25
1 inlägg
CTrader platform is continually improved and I personally find it to be user friendly and easy to use. MT4 platform is good too and has many more features but sometimes difficult to navigate around. CTrader is quite good for fast execution and reversing trades etc. which is very convenient for people who trade the 1 minute charts. One draw-back for CTrader platform is that it can not be used on a mac. If CTrader can be designed for the mac would be really good too.

Sandile Sithole (bhiza)
Jun 16 2017 at 06:28
4 inlägg
looks very fresh😎

YoYoFX (FXplight)
Jun 13 2017 at 07:28
3 inlägg
We use FXPRO as a broker and trade some accounts through Ctrader platform, I personally find it very very good, the thought that has gone into the platform and design is excellent if you know what a retail FX trader needs, if you are not an experienced trader you may not understand how good the platform is, the only negative I have is that sometimes it can freeze or go slow during high impact news events, apart from that it is faultless and if you plan ahead for the events by setting auto stop losses and take profit levels the platform is faultless. Most platform show some time out during some high impact news at some time and nothing is perfect but Ctrader is close and offers a competitive alternative to MT4. If I could change anything it would be to have an auto copy function available through FXPRO which is their choice not Ctraders

What goes up must come down!
Jan 18 2017 at 15:56
1 inlägg
dizzyj posted:
Best ECN trading software I've used by a country mile. My only wish is that more brokers would offer it.

Seems to only be offered by FXPro and some other small ones I'd never heard of.

see here: https://www.100forexbrokers.com/ctrader-brokers

Jan 03 2017 at 07:32
1 inlägg
Professional platform equipped with advanced features for trading managment. Even if it could be improved in some aspects, especially in the mobile version (such as time required to establish connection with server), I think it remains one of best tools to trade in forex.

Oct 27 2016 at 06:28
2 inlägg
It's much more better, complete, fast ECN connection, easy handle then MT4........cAlgo very easy to play with.........

Oct 10 2016 at 06:01
11 inlägg
I love their workspaces menu...

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