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iRobot demo
In 交易系统 by oportunis - 17 小时前
I migrated to live accounts successfully, so the demo will probably be stopped since all can track my live accounts.
In 交易系统 by nigelo77775 - 18 小时前
sfasga @stuff
In 交易系统 by Fxg54 - 19 小时前
In 交易系统 by Croco_Dile - 20 小时前
A litte luck is needed in some situations..... The result is amazing ! 😎
Artificial General Intelligence V.6.1
In 交易系统 by leo23 - 20 小时前
We just want to update that we have linked our algo to "Zulutrade" also. In order to copy trades from zulutrade, please use the below link:
AGI V.6.1_Hotforex PAMM
In 交易系统 by leo23 - 20 小时前
We just want to update that we have linked our algo to "Zulutrade" also. In order to copy trades from zulutrade, please use the below link:
In 交易系统 by marco_mmbiz - 20 小时前
Was ist das für ein Broker? Woher kommen denn da die Ergebnisse hier?
ALA Forex Robot
In 交易系统 by Franzkekko - 20 小时前
Nice performance, account completely burnt
Ivan Daxe Capital
In 交易系统 by mql4proga - 20 小时前
[quote]danieljesus1 posted: Fully Automatic Autonomous Trading ROBOT for Currency Pairs <<< I D X E.A. - Ivan Daxe Capital >>> Contact us: [/quote] good job
Adcuratio High
In 交易系统 by danstewart22 - 21 小时前
Hey mforce, Where can we find the settings for the FlexEA to imitate the results you've been able to get? Thanks!
In 交易商 by Unett - 21 小时前
[quote]Draggyr posted: Are there any other resources for money withdrawal besides the card?[/quote] In addition to a credit card, you can also withdraw earnings using wire transfer, Webmoney, PayTrust...
Forex Scalping Robot 3.0
In 交易系统 by Franzkekko - 21 小时前
90% of drawdown reached...
Manual Strat test
In 交易系统 by kc8yty - 23 小时前
Stoploss Error of $800. Trader Manager did not / modify the Stop loss like it should. Will be looking at the program tomorrow
attempting to access account thru JSON API - getti...
In 编程 by shahinkaz - Yesterday at 12:13
It may work for you: Request = '' response = requests.get(Request, verify = False) data = response.json() Session =...
myfxbook community outlook indicator - export data...
In 编程 by shahinkaz - Yesterday at 12:05
I try to use a python script for scraping community outlook data, but there is a problem with JSON, sometimes it works only once, do you have any suggestions? path = ('
Pip Scalper Pipso*****
In 交易系统 by Zalamay55 - Yesterday at 11:57
[quote]pipscalper71 posted: I bought this EA and am running it on a Tickmill demo account, and its losing money. I am running the USDJPY & AUDUSD pairs with the vendor's set files, but am not ...
Milton Markets
In 交易商 by Magda4Viotti - Yesterday at 11:55
Besides the ususal, Milton Markets adds extra integrity to the mix. I didn’t even have to write a bad review to turn their attention to the incorrect candle that showed up on WTI Oil chart. Lo...
SecFinance Infinity
In 交易系统 by NETSKYDE - Yesterday at 11:47
we have hidden SL and TP for each order Sir, we dont keep Positions, but if those positions in our Trend Range, we keep them, thats the difference. Best Regards
Exit from a trade
In 一般 by perryjohn765 - Yesterday at 11:14
People have different opinion on when to enter or exit the trade depending on their trading style.
FBS Real 5 100 Usd
In 交易系统 by marco_mmbiz - Yesterday at 10:45
What you guys are all talking about? The account is crashed.