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How does experience come?
In Doświadczeni Traderzy by Stonesong - 20 Godzin temu
It seems to me that other options for gaining experience, like the daily work of learning and development, have not been found.
Account management
In Doświadczeni Traderzy by Stonesong - 20 Godzin temu
Managing the exercise score is important and necessary, learn the correct ones in order to have a good result.
How to trade effectively in forex?
In Nowi trejderzy by sailingconsist - 20 Godzin temu
If you want to be a trader, I suggest you begin with the basics and learn how the market works. Try to look at different strategies as well.
How to Successful Forex Trading Mindset?
In Nowi trejderzy by turduckenpant - 20 Godzin temu
Yes, mindset plays a vital role when it comes to trading. The right thinking can be very beneficial for the success of a trader.
trading btcusd
In Doświadczeni Traderzy by Collingwood112 - 20 Godzin temu
You can choose to trade with regulated brokers that offer very tight spreads and the commissions are also low with them. All the best.
Tips To Being A Successful Trader
In Nowi trejderzy by nincompoop - 20 Godzin temu
Yes, these are exactly some points to consider before trading forex. Thank you for sharing these here, very helpful.
In Systemy handlowe by turduckenpant - 20 Godzin temu
Looks good but be very careful when selecting a broker for your trades. Most of them are scammers and it is better to stay aware. Good luck.
Simple is the best
In Ogólne by Felonius - 21 Godzin temu
It's true, everyone can choose what they like and it's really promising. But don't be guided solely by the recommendations of others and you have to try it and make conclusions.
Flex EA - RSix3 CandleSize 75 H4 v4.76+
In Systemy handlowe by akhilleus - 21 Godzin temu
Use Custom Analysis and all time for full history analysis. DD 99.74%! Do the same in other accounts.
In Systemy handlowe by Pinkminkx - 22 Godzin temu
I did the demo. its the real deal, i got same trades. Going to open a live vantagefx now to get it free live one They are live IC markets accounts, cant bluff those.
In Systemy handlowe by MotoCMP - 22 Godzin temu
Broker Software - Ainstein
In Systemy handlowe by strutyio - Yesterday at 04:52
It feels so good to see traders make such great trades. I also focus on improving myself with every trade that I make. I have accepted the fact that I will make losses all along with profits but that&...
There are three things
In Ogólne by russellgutierrez - Yesterday at 04:36
When I entered the markets I had no idea what is ribbon chart or what are the signal indicators even. I think it is very embarrassing to say that when I opened MT4 trader through my first broker I was...
Bitcoin future?
In Ogólne by grownlemur - Yesterday at 03:59
Well, it has reached 36,112.40 USD now and in my opinion it will keep growing this year. Its future seems good.
Steps to Mental Success in Trading
In Nowi trejderzy by AliaDare - Yesterday at 02:35
It is never possible to trade properly if the mental condition is not right. So the mentality should be fixed first.
To shine in forex
In Ogólne by AliaDare - Yesterday at 02:29
Without self-confidence, it is never possible to achieve satisfaction by trading profits. You have to build faith in yourself.
Looking for Broker
In Nowi trejderzy by LeviSievwright5 - Yesterday at 02:17
If the broker does not provide the right service, it is never possible to achieve success. So it is very important to consider the details of the broker before choosing a broker.
Cloud Data (CD TRADER)
In Systemy handlowe by corentinea - Jan 17 at 22:44
Hello im interessting for make partenariat with you
Pip Scalper Pipso*****
In Systemy handlowe by Vitaly198529 - Jan 17 at 20:57
Ребята, кто-либо еще покупал робота? Как у Вас дела с тестированием? Как-то очень красиво все описано. Еще вопрос-привязка к счету или как он идентифицирует аккаунт? Или просто поставил советник в тер...
Fundamental Analysis
In Doświadczeni Traderzy by vanzadorbey - Jan 17 at 19:43
It is sure very important.