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CoPy SiGnAL AcCoUnT In Trading Systems by Global Tech - Yesterday at 06:34
Copy our signals from the following link
How to increase trading skills ? In New Traders by brianna - Yesterday at 06:30
Trading skills are not acquired overnight. To acquire skills you have to have a fair amount of knowledge and understanding of the market. And over a period of time your knowledge and understanding change and form a skill set for trading.
Is demo trading enough before real account? In New Traders by davegordon - Yesterday at 06:22
Demo account doesn’t provide a live trading experience. These are made just for the basic understanding of trading. One must also consider micro accounts after practicing with a demo account briefly. They have minimal initial deposits and hence, decrease the risk while giving a better learning experience.
Luck or Hard Work? In New Traders by brianna - Yesterday at 06:21
Initially trading requires time investment for learning and understanding the market trends. As you don’t understand the market trends initially, you are more likely to lose. In other words you say, “I am not lucky.” But once you have fair knowledge and experience and start gaining a profitable account, then you start believi...
How does experience come? In Experienced Traders by ceceliagreer - Yesterday at 06:09
Trading experience comes with time. And most importantly, when you learn from your mistakes.
Beginners Targets 2020. In New Traders by miguelcaron - Yesterday at 05:32
Traders should make a trading journal to note down the price, time, and reason for every trade. This will help them learn from their mistakes if they are struggling with trading. A good strategy and a perfect plan are enough to win in Forex Trading. One needs to follow a strict discipline when it comes to trading.
Copy trading In General by RobertFerrari - Yesterday at 05:28
Copy-trading doesn't suit every trader. So, it can be very risky.
Two accounts for Hedging? In New Traders by miguelcaron - Yesterday at 05:22
The most important thing is to have a strategy. You should have a strategy on when to enter, adjust and exit the market while you trade.
Fusion Markets In Brokers by JamesBaylizz - Yesterday at 04:26
They dont have Crypto withdraws.
Emotion in Fx In New Traders by LukeRachel - Yesterday at 02:54
Of course, the market is not always in the same situation so any situation should be dealt with. Therefore, it is very important to control emotions.
Which indicator you use most for your trading? In New Traders by momo3HC - Yesterday at 22:02
Not exactly the my theory. Use them, learn them, select your favorite ones and don`t go overuse in them. That`s it. Otherwise how could you know are they`re useful or not. Not using them at all is not something wise i think.
Best Crypto to Invest in these Times. In Crypto by momo3HC - Yesterday at 21:58
Absolutely right but why not to win some money with altcoins which later to invest in Bitcoin.
Choosing a cryptocurrency platform In Crypto by momo3HC - Yesterday at 21:56
Not a bad choices but i prefer to trade with a broker not an exchange.
Do any forex brokers offer crypto deposit? In Crypto by momo3HC - Yesterday at 21:51
Not 100% sure. I`m using only BTC. Check at their web site.
FBS In Brokers by OSAMAH AHMED - Yesterday at 21:50
Thanks FBS
1000% Gain 100% Win Vol. 2 In Trading Systems by FX Gladiators - Yesterday at 20:32
I have no telegram or any sort group for trading discuss. plz dont get scammed.
Day Trading Techniques/Strateges-Beginners Guide. In New Traders by Tuxedo888 - Yesterday at 19:50
The best way to start as a beginner in my opinion, is pick the pair you wish to trade,and the timeframe you wish to trade it ---------And then watch,watch the big players painting the candles on the chart,and gain a feel of the market without adding any indicators, (boring i know)Read and digest the daily economic calendar before you start t...
Fondex In Brokers by ZahirSamsani59 - Yesterday at 19:32
My trading became profitable with Fondex. I switched to a new trading platform called cTrader, and my results jumped. I decided to combine algorithmic trading with copy-trading. Fondex strategy providers show decent performance, and it’s possible to filter the strategies by several metrics. Now I have two separate sources of passive inco...
What could be the next Ethereum? In Crypto by CraigMcG2020 - Yesterday at 19:22
Im liking Solana and Polka. Both solid and i think Polka is run by a former ETH developer
IronFX Global In Brokers by ScienceOfForex - Yesterday at 19:09
All good. And all good second time