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Forex Contest GDMFX

Foni Vo (FoniVo)
Feb 20 2017 at 07:57
2 posts
Hello and good luck everyone! I'm wondering why my balance is still 0usd, although the contents is starting within 2hours???

Think BIG - Starts small
Feb 20 2017 at 07:58
5 posts
nadmondo posted:
forexshane posted:
nadmondo posted:
good morning ...what is the exact meaning of.... step size - 0.01 lot?

It means you can increase lots by 0.01 of better. ie. first trade might 0.1 lots next trade might be 0.11 lots an increase of 10 cents a pip

many means the smallest increase....but can i take step=0.5 or i want?

Yes you are right good luck

GDMFX Support Team (GDMFX)
Feb 20 2017 at 08:03
98 posts
zero7hour posted:
nadmondo posted:
Hi GDMFX Support Team,
what is Margin call/Stop out levels ?......or there is no Margin call/Stop out levels ?.....thanks

Very important question

Hello. The Margin call is at 100% and the Stopout is at 50%. We have already contacted Myfxbook about the issue with the balances, and they should load each participating account with 10 000 USD shortly.

aSSikn (asikinbatam)
Feb 20 2017 at 08:03
2 posts
irwanfx posted:
anazri posted:
moneygrows posted:
naked trading anyone?😀

what do you mean naked trading..?

It is not trading while naked but trading with no indicators on chart.


Feb 20 2017 at 08:04
1 posts
Hey guys remember, what we repeatedly do will reflect in results, so exellence is not a mistake,but a habit.may the best trader win!

Feb 20 2017 at 08:06
1 posts
Feb 20 2017 at 08:11
209 posts
mazin1978 posted:
Croomis posted:
Wormhole posted:
Thoughts on COMP/S.

I am thinking about this comp and comps in general. There is only one way to win and thats to push the boundaries, if you trade in a sensible manner and trade well increasing your account by 1% a day = 20% over the month you still have little to no chance of winning.

If you look at the past contests and the % increase of the winners you will see what Im on about, all the winners took risks OR got seriously lucky.

No 'sensible' trader wins (without some good luck) and the winners normally have huge drawdowns.

What are your thoughts? MINE = We need to take risks to win ANY comp OR be on the right end of a BREXIT type trade.

Not saying comp winners are bad traders just that Taking LARGE RISK and LUCK seem to be major factors.

No pain ... No gain 😎

i think you are right ...
i win before and get 2nd position in contest ,,,, can not say it was completely luke but you need alot of it .
good luke 😉

95% of Traders blow out their account and these are the Traders that Brokers are very interested in because that's where Brokers make their money.
Brokers are not interested in the other 5% Consistent Traders.

Check out the Broker in details before depositing your hard-earned money with them.

Feb 20 2017 at 08:13
1 posts
GDMFX, Are you based in NZ??

GDMFX Support Team (GDMFX)
Feb 20 2017 at 09:12
98 posts
DrMonkeyGray posted:
GDMFX, Are you based in NZ??


Aimak Rokalno (Aimak)
Feb 20 2017 at 09:17
149 posts
My account is now disabled. How come?

exquisite entries with calculated exits
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