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Emotion in Forex trading

Jan 22 at 18:01
6 posts
The saddest thing is that it is next to impossible to get rid of emotions completely while trading. However, I gurss that every trader should do their best to reduce their influence on decision making process. I feel that making a precise and accurate trading strategy can help to solve the problem of emotional trading. If you have some strict criteria for taking this or that decision, you'll have no room for experiencing any feelings about the upcoming deals.
Jan 22 at 18:25
801 posts
Emotions definitely have no place in trading. Most often, this leads to one result - losses.
Jan 23 at 08:59
939 posts
Emotions in the work of a trader can only aggravate the situation. Unfortunately, many do not pay enough attention to this and somehow they get a loss.
Jan 29 at 21:58
759 posts
Emotions can influence trading decisions unless you develop a strategy in advance and stick to it no matter what you think at the moment.
Feb 11 at 04:49
34 posts
Emotions and trading don’t play well. To be successful in forex trading, one needs to keep his/her emotions in check. Trading with greed to earn more profits or doing revenge trading to cover losses never brings a good outcome.
Feb 12 at 16:26
123 posts
Mohammadi posted:
i think without trading emotions and maintain analysis always when trading is a real part of real trading discipline that always supportive to avoid unfortunate risk and losses. but we cant maintain this attitude during trading most of the time. as a result 90% are loser from here above all the beginners level.
Emotion is human nature. We get emotional when we run on our instinct, imagination or prediction. If a trader sticks to his plan strictly and he knows exactly what he is doing, then he would not get emotional. Making a loss is a part of trading. A good trader learns and knows how to deal with losses as well.
Feb 12 at 17:11
801 posts
Emotions in this industry usually play an extremely negative role. At least, a positive result is very rare.
Feb 13 at 09:35
939 posts
Emotions have no place at work. This industry needs a dry calculation.
HollandTrader (kasparsvas16)
Feb 13 at 17:11
319 posts
I use expert advisors and not have emotions.
I know about if this day i will lose something because of news, after few days i will recover it.
Suradi (FXOday)
Feb 13 at 23:18
359 posts
Emotion included as human nature, each people they have own emotions because human is not a robot, they felt pain, hurt, etc another feeling as part in emotion, while trading forex will be involved between expectation and reality, when expectation gets out from reality could make human get emotion, but here important to control emotion in trading to prevent bad decision due to emotion.
Feb 14 at 07:41
20 posts
kasparsvas16 posted:
I use expert advisors and not have emotions.
I know about if this day i will lose something because of news, after few days i will recover it.
Sounds good bro!
Feb 14 at 07:57
24 posts
Only when we learn to recognize and manage our mental responses, emotions can help us become winners in the forex industry.

Feb 14 at 12:56
801 posts
I've been drawing conclusions about emotions in this industry for quite some time now. More often than not, this has only one result.
Feb 15 at 08:39
385 posts
This teaches you so much about yourself that emotions get intertwined with logic. Its the key to making it long term in this industry. Just build your psychology as much as your techincal skills
Seb King (sebking1986)
Feb 15 at 14:22
507 posts
Thing is there is no way around dealing with the psychological aspect before you expose yourself to it. I tried as best I could on demo to treat it like real money but it's just not quire the same. I never had too many issues but can see how many will do.
If you can't spot the liquidity then you are the liquidity.
Feb 15 at 14:49
939 posts
Most often, emotions in this industry have one result - negative. Getting a positive result under the influence of emotions is quite difficult.
Feb 16 at 12:14
35 posts
A trader should never have emotions while placing trades, it will always ruin one's trading journey.
Feb 18 at 02:29
176 posts
As a trader, emotion is your worst enemy. As you are a trader, you need to avoid emotional trading because when you are caught up in emotion, you can not do well in your forex trading. Just keep in mind that emotional trading is not good.
Feb 18 at 08:20
15 posts
Seems all are struggling to cope with this enemy. I read somewhere that making proper trade strategies and not doing over trading is some of the few ways to handle this, But I think these two are also the biggest challenge for a trader.
Feb 18 at 09:18
18 posts
Trading is not about emotions so you have to be practical when making decisions because it's about your money.
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