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Fast Forex Millions back and forward testing by Remus

LK Wong
Jun 08 2012 at 08:09
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   Alec posted:
   This isn't looking so good is it? Many trades later and, like someone said, the EA seems to be broker independent: An equal opportunity loser. No?

This EA will probably hit 90% return rate. I feel sorry for click2sell and any ecom that deals with fx vendors. I fully understand the decisions that plimus and clickbank made.

We running v2.5 since last week with DualMode on and filter adjusted to the DualMode off numbers. current using the same setting on all pairs.

DualMode on
Filter 625 (1250) in Dual Mode

you guys are welcome to see how it will survive the next weeks.,1


I clicked the link, but it says the system has been deleted. How did it perform ?
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