Good. One thing does not remove the other.que manipulate the market well perfect but that does not mean that you can not do trading because you are already sold, I would like to know beforehand that it will happen and if I knew it then Then it would be very easy to trade and also very leveraged, but as not because it touches small positions and stop stop losses collect benefits if you hit and move forward is more a trader if you open a position in the market and should do that one and Again in a disciplined way. For example if I see the price coming to a support I can decide to buy there I put my position I put the stop I calculate a take profit that the market is manipulated means that the support broke to touch my stop that I have 10 pips to 20 Or 30 or 500 pips if I hit the stop to 10 is that it is manipulated and if I touch 500 is also manipulated because I touch or simply my operation did not work.