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How to read Risk:Reward bar ratio?
In General by SofieAndreasen - 3 Minutes ago
[quote]Davidwise posted: You are talking about the risk to reward ratio. The higher the number, the more reward you get for less risk.[/quote] Right. Traders should follow minimum 1:1 risk reward rati...
Complicated strategy is not good
In General by SofieAndreasen - 4 Minutes ago
Every trader should build their own trading strategy. Other's strategy may not work for them because every person is different.
Best Broker
In General by LyudmilLukanov - 22 Minutes ago
[quote]one_forex_signal posted: [quote]dutchy1986 posted: I personally don’t think it matters that they are regulated, I generally go on research. Regulated brokers doesn’t mean you will g...
New and undisciplined traders
In General by LyudmilLukanov - 24 Minutes ago
[quote]LeviSievwright5 posted: Discipline is just as important in our lives as it is in our trading. If a trader does not work to maintain discipline, he will never be able to trade successfully.[/quo...
Indicators are useful but
In General by vanzadorbey - 53 Minutes ago
Indicators are total bs...if there were an indicator that works, would it be shared among community.
Risk management and position size
In Experienced Traders by kc8yty - 1 Hour ago
Just curious to see how others manage their risk and position size Do you trade a fixed Lot size of lets say three lots and then determine if the trade setup is within your risk % parameter? If not...
In Trading Systems by Kim_Neal - 1 Hour ago
I understand that sales always show the strongest moment. But to fully assess the situation we definitely need the order history, why doesn't anyone show it? It would definitely attract more atten...
£5000 demo Daniel Davies
In Trading Systems by AlexWood - 1 Hour ago
Large leverage is of course a great danger. But the profit is also significant. There are always risks. But how can one refuse from such money?
In trading everyone should have some rules
In General by Pengus - 1 Hour ago
Any strategy makes sense if you figure it out well and really test it in practice. This can be tested with different assets and timeframes. And it's better to do it on a demo, of course.
In Trading Systems by Raredan - 1 Hour ago
I'd really like to know a little more about the mechanism of this system itself, to assess when it would have the most potential. Also, tell me what assets this is worth using it for in your daily...
Those who can't learn will be eliminated by th...
In Experienced Traders by Kalestont - 1 Hour ago
Everything requires knowledge and experience. This is the law. It only works that way.
Bitcoingodz Investments
In Trading Systems by Hardolian - 2 Hours ago
Oh, you managed to impress me. That's a fact. I hope your system works that way every time.
Revenge trading
In General by Parker09 - 2 Hours ago
"It is okay to close the trade with a minus and there is nothing wrong with that. It happens very often. The main thing is to always close negative trades in accordance with your system. Accordi...
fxtrends net and trendsfx net copy trade
In Trading Systems by Bernardquah - 2 Hours ago
Hi, Anyone can confirm currently got how many open trades? Seem like some trades not being copied.
In Brokers by 8christianpaul8 - 3 Hours ago
[quote]Qaz123 posted: hello everyone..the broker is still scaring me...[/quote] What do you mean?
In Trading Systems by mes004 - 4 Hours ago
hi sorry guys been busy. I am providing demo version too so you see Gold scalper EA power. Visit my site for a demo.
Looking for reliable ECN brokers...
In General by Ramilinho - 4 Hours ago
Hello You can write to me to if you wish. I am Business Developer there and I can share with you the details about the ECN broker. We have very low spreads also. Many thanks!
In Trading Systems by Hilfzosalam - 4 Hours ago
How come you didn’t make any losses? I don’t think it happens in reality. I would like to see a few more details.
MQL5 Article
In Trading Systems by Mitchelsmith - 4 Hours ago
I have tried a lot of indicators while trading but none of them worked that well. Want to know an indicator that can work for me.
New Horizons
In Trading Systems by Harshelgibbs - 4 Hours ago
Good work mate! I like it that you are trading safely. You are also not using high leverage which is the best part of your system as per me.