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How many pips a day ?
In New Traders by LyudmilLukanov - Mar 04 at 13:54
Having a goal is good for trading. But do not force your trading to achieve that result.
EA Gold Stuff
In Trading Systems by akhilleus - Mar 04 at 13:45
[quote]Strukov posted: [quote]akhilleus posted: [quote]Strukov posted: [quote]akhilleus posted: It is a simple martingale without SL. This is not the first account. Many of them burned.[/quote] We alw...
In Strategies by Casper9sep - Mar 04 at 13:18
In Trading Systems by eekpillar - Mar 04 at 12:22
Your system is pretty impressive. Great work with this and keep it up.
Accelerated Savings - Alpha 4.5
In Trading Systems by chesteroconnell - Mar 04 at 12:19
1:300 is a good leverage and I use it too for my trades. Anyway, you can improve your system by adding some features to it.
In Trading Systems by eekpillar - Mar 04 at 12:17
Your demo looks really good and It is nice that you shared it on the platform. Good work.
New traders love scalping
In General by triticieek - Mar 04 at 12:16
Yes, that’s right and they also think it is easy for making money. But I’ve read it on most platforms that it is only for experts.
Security of the funds
In General by morkaldish - Mar 04 at 12:15
Yes, a broker that offers security of account and funds is a must for every trader. Can’t trust just any broker these days.
In Trading Systems by morkaldish - Mar 04 at 12:15
1:500 is a good leverage and I feel like it has also turned out good for your system. Do you mind sharing some info here? Thanks.
Robot Trading never lose money again
In Trading Systems by GermanyFX - Mar 04 at 12:01
Be patient with the market and wait for your entry But you must also be aggressive and act when the opportunity arises If you get this equilibrium right, then the odds will be heavily skewed in your f...
When a trader is a newbie
In General by blackChelsea - Mar 04 at 11:22
I think a trader is still a newbie if he has no knowledge of the forex market although he is trading on call and trade. The real trader is the one who is trading on forex with his skills. The tag of n...
In Trading Systems by TradingEA2020 - Mar 04 at 11:10
[quote]Kollinsky_Edgard posted: Hello sir, How to follow your trade? Or how to buy your advisor? What is the difference? Please give details. Thanks you.[/quote] Contact AutotradingEA for more detai...
In Trading Systems by TradingEA2020 - Mar 04 at 11:07
Thanks Edgard. if you are interested to learn more about our system please contact me o whatsapp: 00447719040996
Whats your opinion on the most important aspects o...
In Experienced Traders by Lorencecolling - Mar 04 at 11:07
[quote]philipsimmions posted: Trading strategies are important to work upon. Your whole trade depends on how you strategize it. [/quote] Can’t agree less to this. Strategies are the most importa...
In Brokers by Blackkungfu - Mar 04 at 11:03
Great customer support, have just started using them today. Looking to see how they do over the next few months.
Continue to fall? The silence of silver prices is ...
In Experienced Traders by jinchenghao - Mar 04 at 09:17
The recent trend of silver shows that silver's performance in 2021 is obviously better than gold's, which is also one of the important factors for us to insist that the precious metal market i...
Pirate King
In Trading Systems by johnsonfiff - Mar 04 at 08:45
Your gain on this system looks very well. Do share what strategy you used for getting such results here, thanks.
EU Live
In Trading Systems by gookerjohnson - Mar 04 at 08:44
Very good automated system and everything seems to have been working on it. Thanks for sharing.
VelociRaptor (Alpari)
In Trading Systems by blixtpiece - Mar 04 at 08:43
Quite an impressive system and I’m also glad you decided to share this here. Keep up the good work.
Adekunle Adetomi
In Trading Systems by klosspiece - Mar 04 at 08:42
I mean that’s not at all bad for that kind of leverage. Great work with your system. Keep it up.