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EA Blessing Multi Pair + Gold
In Trading Systems by marco_mmbiz - Mar 05 at 11:41
It looks like it will crash very soon, because the lot-size gets bigger and bigger:
Demo is a big opportunity
In General by TorajOstovari - Mar 05 at 11:27
Demo trading is not same as real trading... in demo you can practice a lot but in real everything is different who is winner in demo not means would be winner in real too.
In Trading Systems by eekpillar - Mar 05 at 11:15
The leverage you have used on this trading system is perfect for it. Keep up the good work!
In Trading Systems by Thepoundmaestro - Mar 05 at 11:00
Preparation complete, trading NFP will continue using account
Simplex Infinity
In Trading Systems by SimplexFx - Mar 05 at 10:35
@epeepillock thanks for you positive comment. To keep up with our trading systems results feel free to join our telegram channel group at: All the best, SimplexFx Team
In Trading Systems by AlfazHussain - Mar 05 at 10:33
[quote]joeypro posted: Hi, is this Virtuo EA with the martingale stategy?[/quote]
FX books to read for newbies
In New Traders by Sarjohn - Mar 05 at 08:11
[quote]SofieAndreasen posted: [quote]Sarjohn posted: Currencies trading for Dummies is one of the finest books for beginners, apart from books you can learn basics from online sources such as investop...
There is a proverb that practice
In General by Sarjohn - Mar 05 at 08:09
Yes the proverb is totally applicable for Forex trading. When I started trading I didn’t jump on the live account directly. I practice trading on a demo account and tested my strategy on demo fi...
Your most successful trade
In New Traders by russellgutierrez - Mar 05 at 06:38
[quote]Garrychris554 posted: Set new records and break them with every trade you execute. No need to settle for what you have already achieved. Instead, try to do better and bigger the next day. Thoug...
ECN with and without commissions.
In New Traders by PercymcDonnell54 - Mar 05 at 05:33
[quote]jimmyneeesham posted: [quote]philipsimmions posted: With spreads, do take care of your strategies. Do not compromise with them. Work on them.[/quote] I don’t have enough time to make stra...
Reliable Forex Professional Robot
In Trading Systems by ujang3000 - Mar 05 at 05:05
[quote]klosspiece posted: I liked this system, could you tell me more about this if you can please? Thank you.[/quote] Im not selling these product, details u can refer to these company : https://sinr...
ZEROS eurusd
In Trading Systems by triciawilsonn - Mar 05 at 04:23
I understand how difficult it can be for a trader to make profits on a regular basis. Your system shows good profit.
Profit target?
In General by triciawilsonn - Mar 05 at 04:22
Yes, that is right. 10 pips a day is very good for a trader.
Traders Club
In General by johnsonfiff - Mar 05 at 04:22
I’m glad you decided to share this with everyone on the platform. Hope you get to execute this idea soon.
Is silver over its decline? What is the impact on ...
In Experienced Traders by johnsonfiff - Mar 05 at 04:21
Well, we will just have to see what is next with gold and silver, right? Anyway, thanks for the insight.
In Trading Systems by gookerjohnson - Mar 05 at 04:20
Overall the system looks fine to me but there isn’t much information on it.
Deep 3000
In Trading Systems by gookerjohnson - Mar 05 at 04:20
I might be interested in knowing more about this system please.
Types of spreads
In General by blixtpiece - Mar 05 at 04:19
I personally feel that variable spreads are better in most cases and I try to use variable spreads brokers for my trades.
In Trading Systems by blixtpiece - Mar 05 at 04:19
1:200 is the kind of leverage I use for trading and it has worked out for me so far. Good work.
Pips Earner Euro account
In Trading Systems by klosspiece - Mar 05 at 04:18
Not at all a bad system and I kind of like it too. Great work here, keep sharing more.