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FuzzyLogic (By Maximilian )

Gain : +1.01M%
Drawdown 84.40%
Pips: 4181.5
Trades 227
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:500
Trading: Unknown

FuzzyLogic Discussion

Feb 13 2017 at 09:21
24 posts
Nobody seems to be here together alone millionaires sellers Grail? 😉 😄

Feb 14 2017 at 07:19
9 posts

Пост выше - рулить в каламбуре 😄

Feb 15 2017 at 09:59
4 posts
Hello your trading strategy is very good, I can follow your signal Thank you very much

Feb 16 2017 at 07:40
1 posts
Feb 19 2017 at 08:40
3 posts
Hi ,

My name is Matthew . I have been trading for 1 year and unfortunately lost too much capital .

I actually wanted to try a 100.000 investment , though this time I wanted to use a copy signal such as yours .

If you are interested to talk to me or allow me to use your signals that would be awesome.

Hope to talk to you soon




Feb 28 2017 at 13:13
1 posts

Mar 15 2017 at 03:35
109 posts

I know you don´t sell THIS ea, but if you create this one, I am shure you never stop and keep creating others.

.... Do you have something that give good results and you can release for selling...?...

.... Do you sell THIS signal...?...

Thanks in advance.

Maximilian (maxulr)
Mar 16 2017 at 08:35
59 posts
@digitalfxcorp thanks for your irony, but I am forced to tell once and again that I don't sell any 'Grails' here.

Maximilian (maxulr)
Mar 16 2017 at 08:40
59 posts
@mattfriedman24 I'm very sorry that you lost your capital, but I don't sell any signals.

Maximilian (maxulr)
Mar 16 2017 at 09:35
59 posts
@fxtarpan as I have already said, this is no EA, my trading is manual.

However, I try to improve my trading strategy every day. The purpose of this strategy is to reduce DD and increase profit. Nevertheless, the market dictates its rules, and drawdown is the part of the game. As it has been mentioned before, and I think each trader should do this way: when you invested any amount in this kind of business, the most important is to take the invested funds back. But even after that one should be careful. My mistake used to be too much relaxed attitude to account balance after I took my deposit back. Income capacity defines the time which will require you to make up for the initial deposit.

Thus, if one's monthly profit is 30% or more, it will require about 3 months to earn initial deposit. If it is 2%-5%, then it will take a long time for you to make sense out of forex trading. Considering how does market behave during the latter time, it can make one feel very unsure whether forex is a worthy business.

Maximilian (maxulr)
Mar 16 2017 at 12:15
59 posts
At last I've managed to close a good trade this month. GBPUSD did not let me down this time, I managed to close about 65 points in 10 minutes. Green pips to you all 😁

Mar 16 2017 at 15:39
1 posts
hi,can you be my mentor to learn how to become profitible forex trder?

Bacon (Bacon)
Mar 21 2017 at 15:38
1 posts
Hello. I am an investor from China. I appreciate your trading style. Want to copy your trade.How to contact you

Mar 22 2017 at 06:00
267 posts
Gainsy is a joke i know several people who have lost over $50k each with Gainsy. Do not touch. If your system works do it with another broker. I dont care which one. But do it. If not, its fake. I dare you....

Maximilian (maxulr)
Mar 22 2017 at 07:37
59 posts
Opened SELL GBP/USD 2 Lot just now.
What level do you think it would move to?

Mar 22 2017 at 14:33
109 posts
maxulr posted:
Opened SELL GBP/USD 2 Lot just now.
What level do you think it would move to?

I have a short there too @ 1.24553. Aiming for just 30 pips. Part of a basket trading.

Maximilian (maxulr)
Mar 23 2017 at 07:14
59 posts
Closed by TP around 49 pips. I thought I'd start a discussion, but it seems like moderation is not quick enough.
Sad. Next time I'd post time too. Green pips to all.

nelson (hondagan2020)
Mar 26 2017 at 07:12
8 posts
i am interested with your result , do u manage fund for investor . what is minimum capital required if let u trade my account .


Stefan (Ipodbob)
Mar 26 2017 at 07:51
9 posts
Subbed, you have a very interesting system how come you went with Gainsy?

刘元 (liuyuan)
Mar 29 2017 at 12:56
1 posts
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