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FxMagnetic HHM (Mt4-453768) (By McGreedy)

Gain : -50.79%
Drawdown 51.48%
Pips: 6960.6
Trades 1690
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:100
Trading: Automated

FxMagnetic HHM (Mt4-453768) Discussion

Jun 05 at 10:58
41 Replies
Member Since Mar 22, 2016   43 posts
Jul 25 at 09:31
Time for a little spring cleaning on those settings that was trading similar to eachother. Have terminated 1013, 1015, 1018 and 5001. This will make the matiance a lot faster.
Today I activated 1021 and its already started winning. This is a very agressive trader with a ton of small trades. But as always those needs to be kept a close eye on. As they tend to turn in an instance.
Happy green days
Member Since Mar 22, 2016   43 posts
Jul 27 at 05:47
Had to terminate 1021 again. As expected the settings turned out highly unstable. Still having issues with the master/client. Its still not taking every single trade. So will have to continue hammering out the problems.
On the flip side. The tests regarding how the market behaves is starting to show clear signs that FxMagnetic is having a hard time standing alone. It needs to be told which direction the market is moving. So the sell and buy påtion is only activated when the market is moving in the right direction.
Meaning when the market is going down. Then the buy only settings will have a hard time holding the winningchance and vica versa.
Also the time periods FxMagnetic is allowed to trade is heavily needed.
Happy green days
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