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REV Trader PRO REAL (By revtraderpro)

Gain : +3474.7%
Drawdown 24.25%
Pips: 3809.5
Trades 938
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:400
Trading: Automated

REV Trader PRO REAL Discussion

Dec 12 2014 at 22:09
25 posts
revtraderpro posted:
Batcheler posted:
Seems aud & nzd are the only real gainers when doing custom analysis on myfxbook, eurusd actually detracts overall.
I'm highly impressed, but then I've been impressed with seeing TFOT for a year and bought it only to find huge ecn acct type broker would have it work that good. (Similar pricetag EA). So I concluded these things need watching for 2-3 years.

  If someone has a dinky acct on a regular broker like fxcm please let me know your myfxbook or fxblue url, thanks so much!

Jerry. :)

Your mistaking my system for a scalper or arbitrage system. It's neither. REV Trader PRO works well and on an assortment of brokers. ECN is ideal though.

Your System Doug is the best. I have it running on my account with FXCM and it's doing great.

We don't have to trade every hour @Batcheler The System has very smart entries though.

Batcheler (Batcheler)
Dec 12 2014 at 22:37
200 posts
Good point babanihad, how well I recall a highly studied and advertised CAD EA that was doing ok for a month or two for me when their scalping theory with wide sl was crapping out.
Maybe it's best I stick with StrategyQuant where everyone can come up with their own strategized-EA.
Like babanihad points out, looks good now 'til market DISAGREES.
But nothing wrong with author limit sales .......otherwise.

don't believe 99.9% of the EA e-ads out there my friends!
Dec 13 2014 at 06:54
15 posts
hello,everybody,i want to know 'CloseBeforeFridayMarketClose' must set true or false ? author said the account is set true,but now i found his account still have trade.

marran (marran)
Dec 13 2014 at 08:41
120 posts
Everyone is very worried that the brokers are going to screw over REV, but im not sure they can without making it very obvious about what they are doing. The EA has good entry points

Dec 13 2014 at 09:21
76 posts
Hi mskind, I would go with setting it to TRUE, and change only if you feel the market will continue in your favour the next week. I prefer to start the week afresh, plus it will limit you losses more often than not- which was the main reason for the introduction of the 'close before Friday' option.

The developer's myfxbook was last updated 11 hours ago and may not yet show whether the last trade closed or not.

Dec 13 2014 at 09:21
76 posts
Mine closed and is still showing as open on myfxbook as last update was 11 hours ago.

Dec 13 2014 at 09:48
9 posts
What is new with latest 2.5 version?
- New settings?
- New functions?

Sunnyday (Sunnyday)
Dec 13 2014 at 21:45
157 posts
Dec 14 2014 at 00:06
106 posts
Sunnyday posted:
version 2.5?

They have released new version 2.5 on 2nd Dec.,
and clients could download the latest file from member area.

Anyone got any message from REV Trader ?
I have not got any email from REV Trader for a while.

Dec 14 2014 at 01:28
62 posts
is this EA worth it?

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