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Robin J.S. (By fmonera )

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Robin J.S. Discussion

TTH (NormFX)
Aug 03 2012 at 21:40
38 posts
ouch. 20% loss in 2 days. half the profit stretching back 10 months. least FGB only had a fraction of these losses. sorry to everyone who bought the hype. stick with the original FGB if youre going to trade this strategy (cheaper too).
Martini PAMM (tinohrid)
Jan 24 2013 at 09:32
2 posts
It is the best EA ever made! Huge mistake dear Fmonera what you sell this EA commercial,you can sell some copies, but did is worth? Now million people have it pirate , lot of them are reselling in other name, and sure will stop work like the case with Wall Street EA(not profitable anymore)
Anyway your name will be remembered as a one of the best EA creator!
Best Luck!
Plan your trade, trade your plan!
TTH (NormFX)
Jan 24 2013 at 22:11
38 posts
He took pirated Forex Growth Bot and slightly modified it; so I don't share your enthusiastic gushing for his genius. compare and contrast.

And the gain is barely bigger than the drawdown. If you started with this EA, chances are you haven't made much money.

That all said, it hasn't killed accounts like many other EAs - and that's something!!!
Mar 02 2013 at 08:38
33 posts
What is the risk on this account?
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