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I have been trading here for the second year now, I really like the work of the trading platform and the broker's attitude towards clients.
If you open an account with fondex broker, you will have access to hundreds of ready-to-use trading strategies. You will also be able to trade 7 classes of assets with over 1000 trading instruments. You have the opportunity to build your own trading account and analyze your most suitable and profitable strategies. About the choice of cfd stock I can say that here it is very large. The broker allows you to trade more than 900 stocks, among which there are such giants as Apple and Amazon.
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I think that trading can bring in more money if you try other trading assets constantly.
I trade with Fondex and I love that most of the assets have low spreads. But anyway, before starting to trade an asset that is unfamiliar to me, I try demo trading in order to understand the features of behavior, which indicators are better at predicting the trend and how certain events affect this asset.
I think my trading advice will help you.
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My trading became profitable with Fondex. I switched to a new trading platform called cTrader, and my results jumped. I decided to combine algorithmic trading with copy-trading. Fondex strategy providers show decent performance, and it’s possible to filter the strategies by several metrics. Now I have two separate sources of passive income.
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I liked the CFD trading, but I was afraid to start because I understood that it was a risk. One day I decided to give it a try and chose the broker Fondex. To be honest, I have been looking for a normal company for a long time. It is important for me that there are normal conditions and convenient software for trading. When I studied Fondex reviews, I realized that this is the right company for me.
Fondex has a cTrader trading platform. This is a modern software that is just becoming popular. I think that soon all professionals will use it, because there are a lot of analysis indicators and there is also a No dealing desk function. This means that the broker will not trade against the trader. If you know what I mean.
Trading spreads here are floating and very low. From 0.0 pips.
A large number of trading assets. There is everything you need.
It may be difficult to trade at first, but do not forget about the demo account. This is a must for learning about the trading platform.
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Thorgalmeena posted:
I generally like brokers that offer trading on the ctrader trading platform. Fondex is one of those brokers, and its trading conditions are very good.
A lot of people are used to Metatrader, simply because they are used to doing it. Ctrader is much better, just try it. But still, to begin with, I advise you to create a demo account, get into the work, see what's what and just to get to know the program. Remember, you have to be smart and not greedy, otherwise you'll get nervous.

I agree that a great number of people use Metatrader 4 simply because they got used to it. I also had been trading on it for more than five years and I thought that nothing could be better. However, time passes and new revolutionary solutions show up. cTrader is one of them. Once I tried it I realized that it’s much better than Metatrader.
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When I decided to trade in the financial markets, I was sure I wanted to trade only on the ctrader trading platform. I had a choice between fxpro and fondex, but I settled on fondex broker. After all, this is the only trading platform of the broker and all its trading conditions, analytics and tools are adapted just for this trading platform. In addition, copy trading is allowed here, which is exactly what gives me the opportunity to earn good profits. In addition, I am taking an online course in algorithmic trading and I will work with my robots.
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Wide selection of assets, zero commissions and tight spreads - these are the main advantages of the Fondex broker. Someone might argue that the absence of MetaTraders is a weakness, but I don't think so. I appreciate the automation solution, but I trade manually. To do that properly, I need to do in-depth research and analysis, and CTrader is best for that. I can quickly control positions and adjust existing ones, I have an additional type of postponed orders here, and I can filter the news section by the asset I’m watching.
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I like the fact that this broker has a good trading platform with Trader. I haven't seen this software before, but I've heard a lot about it. That is why I decided to open a Fondex demo account. This broker has the best trading conditions among brokers of the cTrader trading platform.
This information is available in various Fondex reviews and I decided to check it out. I think that's exactly how it is. I remember exactly that there are good spreads. Low. And there is no commission on some assets. Not bad.
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I enjoy trading with this broker. It suits me in all regards. I mean that I’m satisfied with the trading process and the withdrawal procedure. I mostly trade major as well as minor currency pairs. The broker’s spreads generally suit me, but you know such spreads tend to widen from time to time. I heard I can monitor the width of spreads here on a special page. So, I would like to ask you. Can you give me this URL?
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I recently started trading with Fondex broker. I opened an account here because there are very good conditions for trading. Just one account and the spread on it is minimal, starting from just 0.5 pips. Also, the leverage is great here, up to 1:500. You should agree that it is rare to find such good conditions which are provided to all traders without exceptions regardless of the initial deposit amount and client's status. Hedging is allowed and there is protection from negative balance. There is also copy-trading and algorithmic trading is allowed. For Muslims there is an opportunity to open the account without swap.
I think that trading with Fondex broker is a great opportunity to learn how to trade for beginners, there is a lot of training material on the website, if you want you can read articles from the appropriate category on the website. I think that in order to better understand that this broker is really good, is to try trading yourself. There is no minimum deposit and you can open account with any amount.
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I noticed many of Fondex's awards for best offers in the brokerage services, and decided to give it a try. I was concerned about switching to a new trading platform, but now I understand the broker's decisions to offer the only trading software. cTrader is an awesome product that can easily replace MetarTrader in near future. The interface is intuitive, trading becomes faster thanks to additional features based on trading from charts, one-click control and additional research tools. Besides, I started coding algorithms by myself as the automation is made easy here.
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If you are looking for a broker with a good trading platform, then I advise you to look at the conditions of the Fondex broker. This company has an excellent cTrader platform and provides good trading conditions that include:
- low spreads;
- 0 commissions;
- a large selection of assets;
- withdrawal of dengue without delay.
I advise you to try this broker on a free demo account.
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I generally like brokers that offer trading on the ctrader trading platform. Fondex is one of those brokers, and its trading conditions are very good.
A lot of people are used to Metatrader, simply because they are used to doing it. Ctrader is much better, just try it. But still, to begin with, I advise you to create a demo account, get into the work, see what's what and just to get to know the program. Remember, you have to be smart and not greedy, otherwise you'll get nervous.
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I like that there are opportunities to make money online. One of the most interesting and profitable ways is of course CFD trading.
People are now becoming more open minds to new opportunities and therefore companies like Fondex are emerging.
This is a broker that at first glance looks like hundreds of others, but .. There is a very convenient trading platform called cTrader. This software has many advantages and therefore new and professional traders around the world are starting to choose this particular software. There are several reasons:
- user-friendly and beautiful interface (for some traders this is really important);
- the ability to open a pending order on a weekend;
- more than 50 indicators of technical analysis;
- the depth of market, which shows the general dynamics of the market at the moment.
This is not a complete list of the advantages of this trading platform, and I think that the most important thing is that the functionality of this software is created so that the broker cannot influence the values ​​of quotes and cannot be the other side in your trades. This means that the trader has 100% market execution on his orders.
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When I was registering with this broker, I didn’t expect anything special from it. All I wanted to do is to trade with a reliable broker. However, once I dug deep into cTrader, it turned out that it has many features I haven’t tried before.
In particular, I’m interested in the depth of the market feature and cBtots. I’m currently studying materials on these features to learn how to use them.
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I have been trading here not very long ago, but I like everything. Fondex broker has a novelty among the trading software that I really like. This is the cTrader trading platform. With this, you can do higher quality technical analysis, which is very important in CFD trading.
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I know how hard it is to find the broker which will offer you good trading conditions for ctrader platform, but I managed to do it. Fondex offers really good spreads to ctraders. For example, the spreads on btcusd starts from $3 and there are no additional charges. If you use leverage in your trading, fondex offers 1:500 leverage, but I personally don't trade with it because it is too risky for me.
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When it comes to assessing the trustworthiness of any brokerage company, many people have the only one criterion. That’s the availability of a license issued by a regulator. Respectively, a licensed broker is considered to be reliable. Formally, that’s true. However, there may be other things that many people overlook, but these things can make brokers even more reliable. I’m talking about trading platforms.
Many people underestimate the whole importance of trading platforms. They think that these just tools with basic functionality. To some extent, they are right, but they forget that some platforms are vulnerable, thus giving freedom for manipulations. Don’t you know that well-known Metatraders are not protected and they allow brokers to trade on behalf of their clients.
That’s impossible on cTrader because this platform excludes any intrusion. Respectively, if a broker offers this platform, it’s genuine even if it doesn’t have a license. I heard that cTrader is protected because it’s created on the programming language different from that one used for many other platforms, including MTs.
However, I can’t say that I stuck with Fondex solely because of cTrader. I also appreciate their trading conditions, in particular, the possibility to trade indices and cryptos without commission.
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I know that Fondex is a broker that provides excellent trading conditions. Spreads here are low or 0. Especially in USD or Bitcoin trading. In addition, I think that the main advantage is the cTrader trading platform. You probably know about this.
I want to say that it is really convenient for me to use it. It is especially good to do technical analysis here. As you all know, your trade depends on technical analysis and if it is done at the highest level and you have a good forecast then your money is waiting for you)
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