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Fondex User Reviews
Fondex User Reviews
Členom od Apr 17, 2021   12 príspevkov
Jan 23, 2022 at 05:54
There is not only algotrading, but also scalpers here are welcome.
In my opinion, traders should always pay attention to their trading style when they chose a broker. They should decide by themselves whether a broker is good ro not, according to their wishes and desires.
I.e MetaTRader fans will say Fondex sucks. However, if you are familar with ctrader and especially if you use cBots - that's an excellent choice of the broker.
Členom od Jan 18, 2022   1 príspevkov
Jan 19, 2022 at 19:03
AdiarjaKusmawati posted:
Fondex is the broker that I liked right away. There are probably several main reasons.
1. These are low spreads. I haven't checked exactly each asset, but overall they are minimal for the industry. I'll check it all and then I'll write.
2. Trading platform cTrader. I read about it and I think it is the most modern trading software. I will not argue about this either. When I check it with larger volumes, then I will write a review again😉
Do you think the volume will affect the performance?
I don't think that anything will change much if you increase the volume of your trade. Oh no, wait .. your profit will increase, do you understand?;)
I think your Fondex review will be good too after that.
Členom od Jan 14, 2022   1 príspevkov
Jan 14, 2022 at 14:40
At first I didn’t wanted to trade here, because something I didn’t liked in their platform. I more like Metutraders. However, then I learnt that they canceled fees and I thought it could a cool opportunity to save money on each trade.
Over time I got used to their platform, cTrader. It’s not so bad. I even like that the news section is positioned rationally, making it more suitable to use than that one in Metatrader.
Členom od Jan 13, 2022   1 príspevkov
Jan 13, 2022 at 18:12
This is probably one of the best brokers today for algorithmic trading and for using copytrading. Fondex broker has created excellent conditions for using robots in trading.
I like the use of the cTrader trading platform features, the speed of the platform and the opening times of the orders.
Spreads here are some of the lowest on the market. It is possible to trade stocks without spreads, but with a small trading commission per trading lot. The choice of stocks to trade here is large enough, there are rare stocks.
Členom od Jan 12, 2022   1 príspevkov
Jan 12, 2022 at 15:10
If you are the fan of ctrader, you don't need to waste lots of money in the form of charges, spreads and commissions. I know that it is really hard to find good trading conditions for ctrader trading platform but fondex is a cool broker for such a preference.
There are zero commissions and the spreads for btcusd, for example, start from 3 usd. I doubt that you personally are able to find such conditions anywhere else.
Členom od Jan 12, 2022   1 príspevkov
Jan 12, 2022 at 12:12
Even now, having traded with Fondex broker for several years, I realize that this is exactly the broker I was looking for.
The cTrader trading platform has great advantages over other trading platforms, I will not dwell on these advantages here, because they are described in detail on the Internet.
I will just say that in Fondex broker's trading conditions I found all those advantages that I was looking for so long.
Členom od Jan 10, 2022   1 príspevkov
Jan 10, 2022 at 18:08
The conditions here seemed to me much better than conditions offered by other ctrader brokers. There is a zero commission on crypto trading, indices trading and low spreads on currencies, indicies, oil and gold. This was the most important thing for me. By the way, I just wanted to try copy trading, but I still hesitate because of risks. How to pick a nice strategy to follow?
Členom od Jan 07, 2022   1 príspevkov
Jan 07, 2022 at 11:31
Many traders are looking for honest brokers and sometimes this search can take a long time. In fact, everything is much simpler than it seems.
I think I need to find a regulated broker as well as a broker that offers the cTrader trading platform. It's easy to explain. 👌
Sometimes you can see reviews of fondex scam and I honestly don't understand how this could appear.
Perhaps these people lose money due to their inexperience or lack of knowledge. Perhaps it still exists! It's always easier to blame others for your failures. This is a shame.
This broker uses the cTrader trading platform. I have already spoken about this software and that's what is special about it.
This software does not have functions that allow a broker to change quotes, influence charts and trade against a trader.
This software is the first thing that shows the honesty of the broker.
In addition, there is CySec regulation here.
Členom od Jan 06, 2022   1 príspevkov
Jan 06, 2022 at 15:34
I can say that earlier I had a desire to join this broker but I didn’t want to trade with commission.
Fortunately, recently this broker has become more attractive for me. I occasionally learned that it canceled all commissions. At first, I didn’t believe. I went to their website and asked their customer support server whether it was true or not. They confirmed that it was true. So, I’m already trading metals and cross pairs without commission here.
Členom od Apr 01, 2021   10 príspevkov
Dec 29, 2021 at 06:03
I recently started trading with this broker and, frankly, I do not regret choosing Fondex.
I love cTrader platform, but I confess that it was hard to learn it from scratch after metatraders.
Členom od Aug 27, 2020   9 príspevkov
Dec 17, 2021 at 05:36
If we talk about non-ordinary Forex brokers, then Im talking about Fondex right away.
I think you 'll understand why. The main advantage in the trding platform is cTrader. In fact, there are no other trding pla'tforms here, but this is not necessary here. This treding software is the most powerful and multifunctional tool for analysis and trading today.
it should also be said about low and sometimes 0 spreads. That's great rarity.
Členom od Jul 08, 2020   14 príspevkov
Dec 12, 2021 at 06:58
For my type of trading I needed a company with flexible trading conditions. Since there are days when I open 100 orders per day, I needed a company with low spreads, fast execution of orders and the possibility of algorithmic trading. I use both manual and robot trading, so my main requirement was a stable trading platform. I found it when trading with Fondex company.
Probably there is not a single trader who would not know about Ctrader trading platform.
Yes, one can find flaws everywhere, but with Fondex they are insignificant.
Členom od Dec 08, 2021   1 príspevkov
Dec 09, 2021 at 11:14
Fondex is the broker that I liked right away. There are probably several main reasons.
1. These are low spreads. I haven't checked exactly each asset, but overall they are minimal for the industry. I'll check it all and then I'll write.
2. Trading platform cTrader. I read about it and I think it is the most modern trading software. I will not argue about this either. When I check it with larger volumes, then I will write a review again😉
Do you think the volume will affect the performance?
Členom od Dec 07, 2021   1 príspevkov
Dec 07, 2021 at 13:54
I’m a beginner in this industry, and I can say that I like what I see here so far. Trading in the finnacial markets online gives plenty of opportunities to grow and make good money in the future. I realize that this is a tough patch, and I need to learn and gain skills. However, I am not afraid of trying something new and discovering the principles of trading as this profession can be my future.
A friend of mine advised me about the Fondex broker to start with. He told me that the trading platform called cTrader is something that I need to be familiar with as this technology is the latest development of trading software. SO instead of switching from one platform to another and getting used to a differetn solution, I’d better start with the new product right away.
I think that a learning-by-doing approach would be the best one as theory witouth the practise is useless, in my opinion. So I opened a Fondex demo account and started practising. It’s risk-free so I got nothing to worry about. I’m about to start trading on a real account soon as my results are improving.
Členom od Dec 26, 2019   20 príspevkov
Dec 04, 2021 at 05:30
I have been trading here for the second year now, I really like the work of the trading platform and the broker's attitude towards clients.
If you open an account with fondex broker, you will have access to hundreds of ready-to-use trading strategies. You will also be able to trade 7 classes of assets with over 1000 trading instruments. You have the opportunity to build your own trading account and analyze your most suitable and profitable strategies. About the choice of cfd stock I can say that here it is very large. The broker allows you to trade more than 900 stocks, among which there are such giants as Apple and Amazon.
Členom od Dec 03, 2021   1 príspevkov
Dec 03, 2021 at 13:50
I think that trading can bring in more money if you try other trading assets constantly.
I trade with Fondex and I love that most of the assets have low spreads. But anyway, before starting to trade an asset that is unfamiliar to me, I try demo trading in order to understand the features of behavior, which indicators are better at predicting the trend and how certain events affect this asset.
I think my trading advice will help you.
Členom od Nov 29, 2021   1 príspevkov
Nov 29, 2021 at 19:32
My trading became profitable with Fondex. I switched to a new trading platform called cTrader, and my results jumped. I decided to combine algorithmic trading with copy-trading. Fondex strategy providers show decent performance, and it’s possible to filter the strategies by several metrics. Now I have two separate sources of passive income.
Členom od Nov 26, 2021   1 príspevkov
Nov 26, 2021 at 19:02
I liked the CFD trading, but I was afraid to start because I understood that it was a risk. One day I decided to give it a try and chose the broker Fondex. To be honest, I have been looking for a normal company for a long time. It is important for me that there are normal conditions and convenient software for trading. When I studied Fondex reviews, I realized that this is the right company for me.
Fondex has a cTrader trading platform. This is a modern software that is just becoming popular. I think that soon all professionals will use it, because there are a lot of analysis indicators and there is also a No dealing desk function. This means that the broker will not trade against the trader. If you know what I mean.
Trading spreads here are floating and very low. From 0.0 pips.
A large number of trading assets. There is everything you need.
It may be difficult to trade at first, but do not forget about the demo account. This is a must for learning about the trading platform.
Členom od Feb 09, 2020   26 príspevkov
Nov 24, 2021 at 05:35
Thorgalmeena posted:
I generally like brokers that offer trading on the ctrader trading platform. Fondex is one of those brokers, and its trading conditions are very good.
A lot of people are used to Metatrader, simply because they are used to doing it. Ctrader is much better, just try it. But still, to begin with, I advise you to create a demo account, get into the work, see what's what and just to get to know the program. Remember, you have to be smart and not greedy, otherwise you'll get nervous.

I agree that a great number of people use Metatrader 4 simply because they got used to it. I also had been trading on it for more than five years and I thought that nothing could be better. However, time passes and new revolutionary solutions show up. cTrader is one of them. Once I tried it I realized that it’s much better than Metatrader.
Členom od Nov 19, 2021   1 príspevkov
Nov 19, 2021 at 11:55
When I decided to trade in the financial markets, I was sure I wanted to trade only on the ctrader trading platform. I had a choice between fxpro and fondex, but I settled on fondex broker. After all, this is the only trading platform of the broker and all its trading conditions, analytics and tools are adapted just for this trading platform. In addition, copy trading is allowed here, which is exactly what gives me the opportunity to earn good profits. In addition, I am taking an online course in algorithmic trading and I will work with my robots.
Fondex User Reviews

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