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Fondex Review Scores

Overall score: 4.6 / 5

Total votes: 65
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Fondex Discussion

Sep 01 2020 at 15:40
11 posts
I paid attention to this company because there is a good cTrader trading terminal, which includes a full set of indicators and other technical tools, and even the possibility to use ready-made trading algorithms, I think it is promising.

Sep 14 2020 at 22:36
5 posts
I was looking for a broker with tight spreads and low commissions. And I found it here. There are minimal commissions in Fondex. On average, it is only half the size of other companies` fees. I don`t know how it is possible. But there are really good trading conditions here. I`m trading here just for one moth and maybe I will change my mind over time. But right now, there are all I need in this company:
- cool cTrader platform with copy trading solution;
- very tight spreads, especially in Bitcoin;
- more than 600 stocks for trading.
That`s enough for me to trade comfortable. I can open trades independently or use copy-trading solution.

Sep 19 2020 at 16:12
7 posts
I don't really understand the people who say trading fees don't really matter. They've probably never calculated their averages and how much they are losing because of unfair spreads overall. That's basically the only reason I trade with Fondex. Best spreads. That's the only reason.

Sep 26 2020 at 16:22
5 posts
The broker offers a large number of assets for trading, I think there are more than 1,000. In general, if you aren't trading some very specific assets, it will be easy to create your own portfolio with this brokerage
The main difference between this broker and others is cTrader trading platform. If you don't know its history, then I will explain it in short. cTrader is a trading platform aimed to be an alternative to Metatrader. And I can say that this trading platform can really overshadow both Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5. as in terms of trading it's much more efficient and native. I mean, it's simpler for every day trading and it's important if you spend a lot of time trading, as your eyes and your brain don't get tired, you don't lose your ability to concentrate and so you make fewer mistakes.
So I can say that cTrader was one of the main reasons why I started trading with Fondex. It was very important for me, as I think it is really a very convenient trading platform, for sure.
Trading there, by the way, is just good, without any surprises. Slippages are rare, spreads are tight, everything is just as planned.

Sep 29 2020 at 13:32
5 posts
My pleasure to trade with a realiable brokerage that does not try to cheat on quotes, has affordable trading fees and allows scalping at the same time. It does deserve a few words of gratitude, so here they are.

Oct 06 2020 at 11:29
7 posts
A good brokerage, works well. I chose it because I wanted to work on the cTrader trading platform for a long time, and the broker has the best trading conditions for this platform that I saw. And I wasn't wrong to choose it, my trading became much better with it))

Oct 07 2020 at 20:54
6 posts
When choosing a brokerage company, I was certainly guided by the most comfortable conditions for myself. Because this is exactly what can provide you with all the tasks and goals you have set.
In fact, here I was attracted by a couple of moments. First of all, it is of course low commissions because it allows me to work with high dynamics and try out the most extraordinary strategies. For me, this is really great news. And the addition to this is that here you can easily use scalping and hedging, and these approaches attract a huge number of traders, and other companies do not allow to use it. And here I tried it to the full extent and was absolutely satisfied.

Oct 13 2020 at 21:50
3 posts
So far I like everything about Fondex, its work and trading conditions. I've been working with it for a while, but it's enough time for me to get used to a brokerage and find a lot of its advantages.
I like the fact that it is reliable enough and it is a broker with the best trading conditions for the cTrader platform. The only thing that confused me a bit was the offshore registration of a broker. But once I found out that it has CySEC regulation, I didn't worry about registration anymore. There are brokers who have worse registration situations. But the regulator is a guarantee that the broker is honest and there will be no scams.
The only thing I haven't tried with Fondex yet is trading with cryptocurrencies. It is profitable to trade with cryptocurrencies with it, what are the conditions for trading these assets a broker provides?

Oct 20 2020 at 12:39
5 posts
I think this company deserved the Best cTrader Broker award in 2020. According to a lot of Fondex reviews, the company is really developing fast and offers excellent trading conditions (yeah, I rad some review before trying the service). I tried using Signals and Copy Trading and was very pleased.
Let me tell you more about Copy Trading. You can read about it in Fondex reviews a lot. Very popular feature! So now, when you choose a strategy that you want to copy, you can sort them by ROI by the number of investors and investors' total capital. This is quite convenient. Because it's easier to estimate how many people trust this or that trader. And also, which of the traders is skilled at managing large amounts. Because traders often have a fear of other people's money. And this creates tension, which can lead to losses. So it is crucial to choose a trader who is already used to large sums of money.
I have not tried to trade with cBots as well. However, to use them, you need to download and install the cTrader platform. You can trade without installing the software in other cases.
The only thing I can lower my score for is the relatively young age of the company, which is a drawback that can only be removed few years later.

Oct 24 2020 at 21:35
5 posts
There are quite profitable commissions for all types of assets, so I could afford to work much more actively even with my small capital.

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