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HYCM apskata vērtējums

Kopējais vērtējums: 4.6 / 5

Kopējais vērtējums: 38
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Apr 12 at 20:22
5 ieraksti
Among the definite pluses of this brokerage company, I can definitely mention the availability of normal trading platforms and different types of spreads. But there are some problems with analytics, because despite the fact that the market is changing, everything is pretty standard here, but I still wish the company would remember that everyone works with different specifics and offer a bit more useful things that I can use in practice. This is my personal wish.

Apr 16 at 12:45
5 ieraksti
I have been working with HYCM for a year, and I have something to write about it. Also, some reviews about it are harmful, and I haven't found the brokerage's disadvantages.
I decided to start trading because I was looking for an additional opportunity to earn money, and besides, I wanted to spend more time on self-development. As it seemed to me, trading includes both my wishes and I decided to try it.
It turned out that finding a reliable broker that you can trust is quite tricky. But then I found a brokerage that has been working in the market since 1977, and during this time, it managed to create and maintain a relatively positive reputation.
So I decided to give this broker a chance and open a Classic account because it has the best trading conditions. I have read much about it on HYCM reviews.
And now, as I have already written, a year has passed since I started working with this broker. So far, I have no complaints or disappointments about the broker or its work.
Of course, I have had some small questions or misunderstandings during trading, but client support has always helped me. So I am glad that my broker is HYCM, and I will continue trading with it.

Apr 27 at 22:15
8 ieraksti
I am satisfied with this broker.
That’s a universal brokerage service for me. It’s because I can not only conveniently trade a wide range of assets but also improve my knowledge of trading. Also, HYCM has a big reputation because it has been working on the Forex for more than 40 years. So, this service is really reliable.
I’m the kind of person who is assured that it’s never too late to learn, and it’s a good thing that this brokerage company offers a unique educational service that allows this broker to stand out from its competitors.
You can understand everything when an educated person explains it to you in person. My coach helped to understand many nuances of fundamental analysis that I didn’t realize before.

Apr 29 at 22:44
8 ieraksti
I’m satisfied with my choice. I’m not interested in bonuses and points for activity. Instead, I first value reliability. When you know that you can withdraw your money at any time, it gives peace of mind.

May 08 at 21:27
5 ieraksti
When I found out that this company has been operating for many, many years and is very successful - I decided to open an account here .. And you know .. I do not regret it. Everything is really good here. Orders are executed quickly and there is a choice of account. I first chose the fix and then switched to the standard. I liked floating spreads better. Otherwise, everything is fine too.

May 14 at 20:07
23 ieraksti
I liked the variety of trading conditions in HYCM. Here you can choose an account with a fixed spread type and an account with minimal floating spreads and commissions or average market spreads without commissions. To choose the best option, you can pass a test on the site. Answering the questions, I understood what I need to trade. That's what I like about HYCM. It's comfortable from the very first visit.

May 21 at 12:01
11 ieraksti
Look at the number of awards won by HYCM in different expos, as well as at the number of countries the broker operates in. Trading conditions are flexible, and there’s even a list of questions, answering which a trader can get a better understanding of his needs. Pleasure to be here.

May 31 at 14:37
1 ieraksti
The hycm is objectively one of the best brokers I have traded with, the company opened an office in Australia and received a license from the ASIC regulator, to its main regulatory licenses - MiFID and FSA, which makes it even more cool in my eyes.
I attracted a wide selection of trading instruments, it seems to me that there is no such diverse choice as there is simply nowhere else. I tested the terminal day and night and made sure that the execution of transactions was excellent at any time. I decided to stay trading only here, although I wanted to open at the same time in another company.
I also want to add that the company is developing intensively, recently many different innovations have been introduced - conditions, tools, trading mechanics, etc.
For a year and a half of working with the hycm, no problems arose: open-close a position, take your money from them without any problems and this is very important.
Let's see what happens next.

Jun 01 at 21:36
9 ieraksti
The HYCM company has been working for a very long time and it seems to me that everything is good here and at a very high level. It cannot be otherwise. In addition, I like that the popular MetaTrader trading platforms are available here. It is easy to trade popular trading instruments here. And here there are a lot of them.
Currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, stocks and indices, etc. ... You just need to learn and understand how it all works!

Jun 02 at 20:10
3 ieraksti
The best way to gauge a company's reputation is to see what other traders have to say about it. After reading the reviews, I decided to stay with a broker hycm.

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