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Crypto Real-Time Pair Prices

Cryptocurrency is a decentralized market that is maintained in a ledger called blockchain, allowing users to pay and keep money without requiring a bank or even their name, freeing them from the restrictions of heavily controlled government currencies and bank cards. As a result, this type of investment is gaining traction. Supply and demand determine cryptocurrency prices, when individuals acquire cryptocurrency coins, the prices they pay define the currencys price.

All cryptocurrency prices are also decided by larger organizations embracing blockchain technology, merchants accepting it as a means of payment, and governments accepting it as legal currency.

Cryptocurrency Prices Today

The cryptocurrency market is very volatile, with cryptocurrency prices rising and falling swiftly and regularly, with new cryptocurrencies being released daily. Whether youre an experienced trader or just interested in cryptocurrencies, youll need cryptocurrency prices live tool. To help you keep up with the fast-paced demands of the market, we provide a cryptocurrency prices real-time tool that allows you to stay up to date on cryptocurrency prices today and plan your strategy using our cryptocurrency price charts and cryptocurrency list price, ensuring that you dont miss even the tiniest cryptocurrency market movement.

Waluta Zakład Zapytaj Zmiana (Pozycja) Zamień (%) Zakres dzienny
ADAUSD Cardano / US Dollar
0.54 0.46 +8.2 +15.24%
AVAXUSD Avalanche / US Dollar
28 26 +2.0 +7.14%
BCHUSD Bitcoin Cash / US Dollar
252.14 247.05 +509.0 +2.02%
BTCUSD Bitcoin / US Dollar
43,835 43,278 +557.0 +1.27%
DOGEUSD Dogecoin / US Dollar
0 0 +0.0 +0.00%
DOTUSD Polkadot / US Dollar
6.623 6.243 +38.0 +5.74%
ETHUSD Ethereum / US Dollar
2,353.10 2,356.00 -290.0 -0.12%
LINKUSD Chainlink / US Dollar
17 16 +1.0 +5.88%
LTCUSD Litecoin / US Dollar
77.83 74.04 +379.0 +4.87%
MATICUSD Polygon / US Dollar
1 1 +0.0 +0.00%
SOLUSD Solana / US Dollar
73 68 +5.0 +6.85%
UNIUSD Uniswap / US Dollar
6 6 +0.0 +0.00%
XRPUSD Ripple / US Dollar
0.66 0.64 +2.2 +3.31%