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xPrade-N.PS (Gird) w Systemy handlowe przez emporiolaser - 1 Hour ago
I'm not open to copying. personal use only
For new trader, finding a regulated broker is VERY... w Nowi Handlowcy przez davesper - 1 Hour ago
I think it is equally important to find a reliable broker. For sometimes these two concepts still mean completely different things.
What does trading mean to you? w Nowi Handlowcy przez davesper - 1 Hour ago
For me, trading is quite an interesting option for making money. At least, with the right approach, this option can bring very good results.
I just realised that trading is easy but we stand ... w Nowi Handlowcy przez davesper - 1 Hour ago
It seems to me that trading is a very interesting option for work. At least, I like this kind of work, and with the right approach, the result can really please.
What is your trading schedule? w Nowi Handlowcy przez davesper - 1 Hour ago
I am a supporter of the idea that chart trading is not the right idea. At the very least, I try to trade at the point in time when I am sure of achieving a positive result.
GOLD-> The price is still in the range. What... w Ogólne przez Prince Sajir - 2 godzin temu
As we can see the price goes from the channel support to 1765, but again, the movement is not consolidated, the absence of pre-break consolidation around the level does not give the chance to expect the exit of the price from the range, so my main priority is waiting for the price to form the reversal from 1765 to 1750(1745) again.I assume tha...
AceMaster w Systemy handlowe przez HACHIROU_Maiko - 6 godzin temu
What trading method?
Cryptomaster w Systemy handlowe przez HACHIROU_Maiko - 6 godzin temu
Hi @AdamJons ! Support chat in TeIegram @Cryptomaster88
Humble Trader w Systemy handlowe przez HACHIROU_Maiko - 6 godzin temu
What strategy are you using for your EA?
Vibrix Group w Systemy handlowe przez HACHIROU_Maiko - 6 godzin temu
Better performance on Myfxbook
Golden Dragon w Systemy handlowe przez HACHIROU_Maiko - 6 godzin temu
Good job of stabilizing and reducing drawdown. How can I get your EA ?
Topmax Global - TidalX w Systemy handlowe przez HACHIROU_Maiko - 7 godzin temu
Nice performance
The amount of PROFIT our client as made from this ... w Doświadczeni handlowcy przez Miguel Ramos - 9 godzin temu
If you're interested on how we did this.. Give me a message I'd love to answer all your questions about this...Love to be hearing from all of you
Broker Recommendation- low slippage brokers w Ogólne przez Davidwise - Wczoraj w 07:52
Slippage is the difference in the expected price of the trade and the the price at which the trade is placed. This difference can be dealt by placing limit orders where the desired buy/ sell price is predetermined and the trade is executed once the hits this predetermined price level.
Time and pracrtice. w Nowi Handlowcy przez Flammeous - Wczoraj w 07:49
Yes, it does not matter how much time you have invested in your learning but the thing that matters is how much you have learned. In the same, it does not matter how much money you can put into the market but the way you invest matters. so time is not a constraint. Every trader should focus on upgrading their knowledge and expertise.
how to ask question w Nowi Handlowcy przez Surficial - Wczoraj w 07:45
It's difficult to say anything about it. However, a qualified broker can assist you in this situation. You should discuss it with your broker.
What is the importance of knowledge? w Ogólne przez Piffling - Wczoraj w 07:32
Without grasping knowledge, it is nearly impossible to understand how the market functions, its terms and conditions and the psychology in which it rests. There are materials available online like books and articles to browse through to increase skills and get in touch with the market sentiment.
BelleoFX w Brokers przez Belleomarkets714 - Wczoraj w 07:07
good spreads
Is a demo account really neccassary? w Nowi Handlowcy przez Gasbag - Wczoraj w 07:06
I think demo trading is more like a practical learning session for a beginner. You should not risk real money in trading until you learn to trade properly on a demo account. Also, you should start with a small capital when you start trading on a real account.
How much should you invest in trading w Ogólne przez Zemirah - Wczoraj w 07:04
In trading forex, you should never invest or risk more than how much you can put at risk. A common method to not invest more than enough is by trading only 2% of your account per trade.