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Stop Loss Importance w Ogólne przez Frionson - 22 minut temu
It's pretty difficult to underestimate the necessity of using stop loss. The vast majority of traders don't use it because they think that it restricts their potential income, however it's very important to reduce risks. If you lose the position, it's okay, it's trading and nobody is protected from it.So, always use the sto...
When a trader uses small w Ogólne przez Doombinder - 24 minut temu
I can agree with you actually. Small capital in my opinion should be used only in two main situations. If you are a novice and you want to understand the mechanics of the market, so you can open a position with couple of dollars and close it with 0.5$ for example, or with minus 0.5$. By these techniques you will be able to stay with your depos...
Is silver over its decline? What is the impact on ... w Doświadczeni handlowcy przez Duzragore - 32 minut temu
I personally don't think that silver is over its decline. It's just a normal correction which every asset can face. Silver is a pretty stable asset as well as gold, and if we want to forecast the further price movement we have to use either technical analysis or fundamental one. If you can trade on news, you also can use this method, b...
Why demo is easy? w Ogólne przez RonaldRay - 3 godzin temu
Some say Demo is not as useful as everyone assumes. Because you have nothing to lose here. Though learning the basics of trading is essential for beginners. So what do you think?
Investor Accounts Real Win +2000 % w Skrzynka ofert przez fxblong - 4 godzin temu
Real Result
RenkoExpert w Systemy handlowe przez RenkoExpert - 5 godzin temu
Default settings for the Euro dollar pair More information in our telegram channel https://t.me/renkoexpert
Hamze1983 w Systemy handlowe przez hamze_brousli - 12 godzin temu
Day Trading Techniques/Strateges-Beginners Guide. w Nowi Handlowcy przez Mnegamand - Wczoraj w 15:23
Guess that the main tip for beginners is that never try to trade with leverages, because they will lead you to losses obviously. In my opinion, everything you have to do is to continue learning trading activity and practicing a bit on a real account.Try no to open position with more than 1-2% from your total deposit and if you have decided to ...
Best Crypto to Invest in these Times. w Kryptowaluta przez Thorgalmeena - Wczoraj w 13:49
In my opinion, btc still remains the one and the only crypto which you can invest your funds right now. Some people are skeptical towards bitcoin as they believe that it can easily devastate all your accumulations due to its high volatility, however if you're afraid of bitcoin you can find any other crypto which doesn't repeat the move...
Crypto death w Kryptowaluta przez Andromaris - Wczoraj w 13:30
I don't think that crypto is dead or it's going the end. Nowadays we can see the correction on the crypto market and it's okay. The market is tired because of huge impulses downward and upward, so now there is a period of consolidation. Actually, it's kinda tough to speak about crypto death, because the market is pretty fresh. ...
Time frames for currencies w Ogólne przez Maksfine - Wczoraj w 09:56
What time frames are suitable for each currency pair EUR / USD, GBP / USD, XAU / USD?
INFiNiTY MAM (1) w Systemy handlowe przez ZiNeX - Wczoraj w 08:50
Hi Mikeis there a way to learn from you? are you offering any courses or teaching your strategy? Have a good day
LUX w Systemy handlowe przez BerinhardTrader - Wczoraj w 08:41
@marco_mmbiz @yefoledy @SwingTrader yeah, good point here.All this guys was blocked. Why????? Because they speak the true!Check this photos and save them. You will see the end of this scam system soon. This is an old ponzzi scheme made by one guy under the AccentForex umbrella.Follow all the messages and see how is talking until will get some ...
Bonus and Brokers w Ogólne przez Chelsea Blacks - Wczoraj w 08:02
Turns out I can. Had a nice chat with support. Thanks!
Basic mistake we make w Ogólne przez Chelsea Blacks - Wczoraj w 08:01
This is so true, I have noticed that some joined forex trading in hoping to earn money fast, which obviously is an unhealthy mindset to consider.
Is forex trading really worth it? w Ogólne przez Chelsea Blacks - Wczoraj w 08:00
Yes. If you are able to make a good profit return, then forex trading is worth it. If not, then forex trading is not their thing.
take a look at this robots w Ogólne przez UFO EA - Wczoraj w 07:27
Basics knowledge is not enough w Ogólne przez patriciablack - Wczoraj w 07:12
Basic information about trading is needed to start off your forex trading journey. In trading, theoretical knowledge doesn’t help in the way practical knowledge does. And this kind of knowledge comes when you do it practically. The more you trade the more knowledge you gain and more positive results are likely to be seen.
HF Markets Group w Brokers przez nader94 - Wczoraj w 06:56
Amazing broker
Should I trust automatic GMT? w Ogólne przez Natalisha - Wczoraj w 05:45
Is the automatic GMT in this EA reliable or do you need special settings to match the time of most brokers?