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Wynik ogólny: 3.4 / 5

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55 postów
fast execution and transparent business model. Unfortunately no MT5 so far..
1 postów
I'm trading with JFD for 17 months now and did 3431 trades so far. After having not the best experiences with 4 other brokers in the past, I can highly recommend JFD. They are a real STP/ECN Broker only acting as an intermediary between its clients, liquidity providers and major exchanges. Therefore there is no conflict of interest at all. I never ever experienced any stop hunting or requotes. Their execution is fast and the spreads are low (of cause there are (reasonable) commissions, that's a part of their profit).

Highly recommended!!!
30 postów
Did you try trading in this broker ??!
Yes, I trade often with JFD.
4 postów
dreamfab posted:
Great broker, transparency, low cost commission and realy low spread on the majors. Full regulated (FCA, ACP Banque de France, BaFIN, CySEC).

Did you try trading in this broker ??!
74 postów
I like the level of transparency and service provided by JFD Brokers. Especially their so called post-trade execution report that shows which bank filled the trade - this is really helpful when I have questions for my trades.
11 postów
Good job and not I have no consultations till now. Good Luck
9 postów
minimum deposit is only 500 USD
30 postów
500$ minimum deposit for JFD.
5 postów
It's like institutional level trading no? It's look like a high spec broker any idea what minimum deposit is there?
3 postów
The broker lower the transaction fee to 5$ on USA , 5 EUR on EU .....GOOD NEWS 😀

JFD congratulation 😀
3 postów

I use JFD Brokers, for the moment demo. I am interested to trade CFD's and Forex .
They are a game changer .

2 postów
I really appreciated this broker. They gave me opportunity to earn my first money on Forex. There are no slippage and requotes.
1 postów
Spreads should adjust more
116 postów
very good broker
can the pursuit of wealth be automated?
9 postów
on CFD product with JFD, there are spread + commission.
but JFD earn money only on commission as they are 100% STP/DMA
(no b-book, no spread mark-up) !

you could find the cheaper and without any commission,
but the risk is Stop Hunting, Price Manipulation, etc ... (as you know ... I hope !)

with JFD: No conflict of interest and the LP do not see you orders.
You are 100% protected against manipulation and bad pratices !

4 postów
Very expensive CFDs trading
30 postów
I made also many withdrawal since severals months. Evrything was good, and I receipt my money rapidly every time (2 / 3 working days as Marc sayed).
9 postów
With JFD Brokers,
if you ask a withdrawal by SEPA Transfer is around 2 - 3 working days.
if you ask a withdrawal by International Transfer is around 4 - 5 working days (but I never try this option)

I know also that JFD offer since few week online (Debit Card) deposit and withdrawal ,
it's faster than bank transfer but I have never try yet this option.

On my side, I was never problem for withdrawal money,
my request was make ASAP ... and if I have questions, the customer support is very fast to answer !
15 postów
Withdrawal problem, waiting 5K 3 weeks ago :-(
6 postów
Very expensive broker for CFD´s, my withdrawal take 2 weeks for come to my bank account. Lots of markets, Lots of CFD´s and shares.
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