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James Street, Kingstown, First Floor, First St Vincent Bank Ltd Building, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
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Credit Card, Debit Card, WebMoney, Neteller, Skrill, FasaPay, Bitcoin, Boleto
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English, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Indonesian, Malay, Thai, Arabic, Vietnamese, Korean, Malay
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(GMT -8:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)
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Indices, Commodities, Energies, CFDs, Cryptocurrency, Precious Metals
Olymp Trade User Reviews
Olymp Trade User Reviews
Member Since Dec 20, 2019   20 posts
Jul 22, 2020 at 20:44
I am really glad that I started trading, because it allowed me to feel real freedom and to fully get used to the new business, which allows me to work in comfortable conditions and not to worry about the future.
Of course, it can be difficult and I have to spend a lot of time, but I like it all and I understand that I can cope with everything.
As for this brokerage company, I can say a lot of good things, because there are many different things that can be used to get used to trading.
For example, you can train here on a demo, which has the functionality of the main terminal.
This company offers a huge number of training articles.
They also quickly withdraw funds, do not overestimate commissions, no stress and worries.
Member Since Aug 11, 2019   21 posts
Jul 07, 2020 at 22:33
Hi! Personally I've been a client of Olymp Trade for a year, but this has been a very busy year for me. I've learned a lot, tried a lot of new things in trading and even managed to earn some money.

I don't want to say that all of this is thanks to Olymp Trade. No, I've achieved everything myself and made a profit only thanks to my trading strategy.

But I couldn't have done all this without my reliable brokerage. And I can't even describe how much support I got - 24/7 client support, trading communities from Olymp Trade, and free training.

So I'm glad that I made the right choice.
Member Since Jan 12, 2020   17 posts
Jun 19, 2020 at 00:37
I became interested in trading about a couple of years ago, when my friends started doing it and they were quite successful.
I can't say that I was super serious about it right away, because I saw different reviews and thought there was a good chance of luck.
In fact, everything turned out to be not so complicated, the main thing is not to use large sums and pay more attention to technical analysis.
And practice on the demo, it's free and available right after registration.
Member Since Aug 16, 2019   25 posts
Mar 29, 2020 at 23:04
High-quality trading terminal, fast withdrawal, no annoying managers - that's all you need to know about Olymp.
Member Since May 10, 2019   27 posts
Mar 18, 2020 at 14:02
Buzargas posted:
I'm just begun trading with Olymp Trade and I'm satisfied enough to keep on trading there, cause order execution is fast and there are a lot of assets to trade. However, I wonder about some points, mainly about withdrawals.
Agree, OT is good, I trade them since 2014, can give 100% positive feedback. I don't know what you exactly want to know about withdrawals, so give you the most general info:
- Withdrawal time 24-72 hours
- No fees
- No comissions
- Several ways to withdraw
If you need some more info, just contact Olymp support.
Member Since May 14, 2019   28 posts
Feb 24, 2020 at 21:56
I'm just begun trading with Olymp Trade and I'm satisfied enough to keep on trading there, cause order execution is fast and there are a lot of assets to trade. However, I wonder about some points, mainly about withdrawals.
Member Since Dec 12, 2019   18 posts
Feb 08, 2020 at 23:47
Oghmage posted:
As far as I remember, I have never worked with this broker because it specialized in binary options for a long time, but in principle it has many different services, etc. Although there is no support, everything is built in such a way that traders work on their own and this is pretty good in principle.
Oh, I can't agree that there is no support, there it is. And I even can say it's fast and always try to help. Olymp Trade don't specialize on digital options only, it's sepparated into 2 different sections - Olymp Trade Options and Olymp Trade Forex and each section is self-sufficient, so you decide what to trade. For example, I prefer to trade Olymp Trade forex only and never traded Olymp trade options and I can say that trading forex is fine there. Orders are executed good and withdrawals are with no delays, so there is no doubts that Olymp Trade is good brokerage. Also, there is great official community and traders speak with each other to share info, so if you have minor question, you can always get answer there and there is no need to seek for support's help. I like such approach so much...
Member Since Sep 26, 2019   23 posts
Jan 30, 2020 at 19:31
As far as I remember, I have never worked with this broker because it specialized in binary options for a long time, but in principle it has many different services, etc. Although there is no support, everything is built in such a way that traders work on their own and this is pretty good in principle.
Member Since Jul 01, 2019   30 posts
Jan 28, 2020 at 21:05
I like the way how Olymp Trade works with clients. In general, it's simply good broker, but there are some features, that are unique and you won't meet them with other brokerages. I'm talking about
1. Extremely vast number of education. Olymp Trade seems to be obsessed with educating each trader :)
2. Mobile app with high functionality. Usually brokers make cutted mobile apps that are simply not useful. Olymp Trade app isn't kind of this, app is extremely useful and in 95% of situations can replace trading with PC.
3. Only $10 initial deposit, one of the lowest minimum deposits on the market
4. A lot of traders communities, so you can share info or even ask other traders for something.
Member Since May 11, 2019   25 posts
Jan 21, 2020 at 20:21
I personally had a good impression of the OLYMP TRADe. There is so much you can find here that you can adapt your strategy faster and feel comfortable with yourself. Commissions are small, there are many assets. So we cooperate!
Member Since May 04, 2019   23 posts
Dec 27, 2019 at 20:51
Olymp is a good brokerage with good order executions and convenient trading platform. As I understand, it's their own platfrom and you won't find the same in any other brokerage company. There are almost no lags, only microlags make take place, but they're very rare and usually don't affect trading. I enjoy the fact, that I can adjust my indicators with my own Algorithms and combine indicators to get more clear result. There is also bonus system, including 100% deposit bonus match. Honestly, I don't like such things, but it's really cool to get addtional deposit money that you can use when trading. Also, if you want to try sth or test strategies, you can use Olymp demo-account, that is 100% copy of Olymp Trade trading platform, but with demo-money (up to $10,000).
Member Since Apr 25, 2019   26 posts
Dec 07, 2019 at 21:03
Olymp Trade is a deserved market leader that has done a lot to take such a high position. The company has a very good support service, which works to solve any problems. Also here is convenient trading platform that combines simplicity and functionality and has a lot of indicators. I can say that I'm fully satisfied with this broker and I have no complaints.
Member Since Jul 26, 2019   31 posts
Oct 08, 2019 at 23:51
Personally I’m not a big fan of digital options. They limit your profits and are probably suitable for newbies, but I’ve been surfing the markets long enough to know how much they can offer you for real. So when I learned about Olymp trade, I signed up for forex account and installed the OT forex app on my smartphone. I spend an hour a day analysing the markets, then I enter pending orders and feel free to enjoy the rest of the day. I use mobile app to control my opened positions and cancel some trades if I feel it’s time to do so. Olymp has got the best trading platform and I’ve seen quite a few in my life.
Member Since Apr 18, 2019   25 posts
Sep 25, 2019 at 13:46
I found Olymp Trade while browsing the internet in search of educational programs for trading. Many brokers say trading is easy and all you have to do is devote an hour a day to press buttons. It didn't work out in my case. OT consultants do lots of educational videos on how to trade both options and forex. There I've learnt how to use indicators, how to manage my open positions, why traders need pending orders. I'm not a great trader yet. I still devote at least 3-4 hours a day to study charts and markets and the profits I get are the result of some hard work. But this is what really works. Olymp is a great place to start, cause they show you the correct direction how to improve your trading from the very beginning.
Member Since Apr 18, 2019   30 posts
Sep 21, 2019 at 22:37
Was glad to find out that Olyymp offers FOREX trading along with options. Options were something I’ve started with at the beginning of my trading career. The more I learnt about the importance of money management and risk management, the more I realized that with options its much more difficult to manage risks. Trading currency pairs in a traditional manner was something I started doing half a year ago and I’m glad I did. Keeping risk:reward at 1:3 or similar proportion was my golden key to success. Glad I didn’t have to change broker to switch to FOREX trading. Cryptocurrencies is another thing I think I should try, as soon as I feel comfortable and consistent enough with fiat currency pairs.
Member Since May 16, 2019   29 posts
Sep 06, 2019 at 11:59
I learned about Olymp Trade from advertising. I asked my son to help with this, but he refused to respond at the beginning because he thought that I will lose my money. However, he installed a mobile application. He opened a demo account for me to prove that I will not succeed and that I will waste time. Well, meanwhile, I studied all the information blocks. Also, I devoted a lot of time to studying psychology in trading, because I have problems with endurance, and I can easily lose all the money in an instant. I was hooked by the fact that the platform is simply full of all kinds of videos. My favorite ones are webinars since they showed me how to apply strategies correctly. Six months after opening a demo account, I became able to earn something. When I succeeded in a demo account, my son helped me create a normal account. Since then, I’ve been on the platform for more than a year. I like everything, and I did not lose interest.
Member Since Apr 18, 2019   29 posts
Aug 16, 2019 at 22:32
Olymp Trade – is a real leader of the market in its industry. I started to trade on this platform because back then two years ago, it was the best and the company offered the best conditions, During these two years Olymp Trade just strengthened its leadership – now the company also offers the trading on Forex. I’m completely satisfied by the cooperation with Olymp Trade, I will stay with them as their client further on.   
Member Since Dec 26, 2018   34 posts
Aug 14, 2019 at 23:33
Olymp Trade offers good payout rates, especially if you open VIP account. Then you can get up to 90% profit on the main assets. I think, that it’s very profitable, just a few brokers offer such a possibility.  
Olymp Trade User Reviews

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