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2 posts
I made a deposit with bank transfert. Now 2 weeks are passed and I my deposit is not yet credited. I already opened 2 ticket without answer. When you call the customer service they tell you to open a ticket and wait the answer of the payment department. You can't talk direkt with them... And this is only for a deposit!!! I can't imagine how much time I will need for a withdraw.
30 posts
Well this broker is full of Cheater they dont have good support also they using some indians as 3rd party support and if u ask them something they tell u to open ticket and the ticket answer in 3 to 5 days this is all Crap when u call them they ask u to open ticket also so no phone support also well i quit with them i thank God that i quit with them
1 posts
I think it's good broker for everyday, and it's good to earn with it. reliable company.
98 posts
Its one of the wrost broker around here....greedy to take your money man ...especially when you trade during news they just open the trade 10-15 sec later as well as take the same time to close

they also fool you with their spread
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30 posts
This is the worst worst broker ever full of Stupid peoples around no support when u open positions some time it get stuck and u need to wait few days or weeks so your ticket will be answer when u withdraw the money they dont have any option to request the money via same Debit card you need to open Ticket wait like 5 to 7 working days and then they will answer and ask you again to conform that u want to withdraw the full money and then wait again 5 days and then they will send u the money

when u call them on phone support they dont have phone support 2 stupid peoples there 1 Stupid guy and 1 Bitch on phone saying do whatever u want to do now i requested my money back they saying we will send but nothing so far very very fraud Broker i dont know how those stupid idiots get the license to open forex broker
17 posts
Dear sameerbusiness.

We would like to thank you for your patience.

Normally, in accordance with the clause 13.7 of the Client Agreement, if the trading account cannot be deposited automatically, the appropriate application will be fulfilled within 2 working days since the client's notice on depositing the trading account is received.

The funds has now been deposited on your trading account.

Client's Agreement:

Sincerely, RoboForex
30 posts
RBFX_Support posted:
Dear sameerbusiness.
Could you specify your account number please? We will check your current situation.

Sincerely, RoboForex

Well you should 1st make your stupid and idiots support Active
4 days i opened a ticket and asked to close a stuck position in my account but no reply
and today i thought to give a chance again to Roboforex maybe it became good but its same peace of Shit
i deposit 100$ in my account and the support saying there is some issue in Roboforex u need to open a ticket and wait 2 to 3 days and the money will come to your account is this a kind of Joke ? Account # 2750561
now i request 2 things if u can make your stupid broker company better then good otherwise how many years you will take to refund my money back ?
17 posts
Dear sameerbusiness.
Could you specify your account number please? We will check your current situation.

Sincerely, RoboForex
30 posts
The system get freeze also for Roboforex this happened to me on 28th when the market was open it was freeze for 15 to 20 mins
30 posts
This is the worst worst Broker the Stars should be in Minus
i am trying to get my money since 1 week and they dont even answer you no support
no phone support just on Ticket and on Ticket they dont even reply you so better find a good company and dont join a Scam company like Roboforex
17 posts
wankl posted:
Hey guys, what do you think can you see this picture ... This is my standard account . After this happen in my account, I don't trust this broker anymore and I use other broker to trade...RoboForex is not good for me now. Bye bye RoboForex.

Dear Man (wankl).

As we can see, the positions which are marked in your screenshot were closed during significant volatility in GBP related to Manufacturing Production data release.
Slippages of stop-orders and market orders are quite common in similar situations as the execution is always performed at available market prices.
If you suppose that the execution was not correct in your case, - you can send us a ticket to examine the situation more closely.

Sincerely, RoboForex
21 posts
@Man (wankl). What your image attachment shows is something called 'slippage' which most brokers have and you cannot prevent in most cases. It is not a scam nor the broker trying to 'trick' you. It is a standard part of trading resulting from volatility and available liquidity of the market. Stop-Losses are usually not guaranteed by most brokers, and those that do offer guarantees, usually have a very large 'Stop Level' in place in order to be able to guarantee the position.

So, my suggestion, is that you first learn about this things (such as slippage and 'Stop Levels') before you start doubting your broker!
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3 posts
I not blame anybody or other people or broker, I blame at my self and learning. Before we chose a broker, first thing we do search for good rating broker not to see the broker bonus so many bonus.. What I can say the good broker not in the bonus but good to trade and safe for money not a scammer. And happy trading to you all, I wish you can learn and be a good people.
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3 posts
Hey guys, what do you think can you see this picture ... This is my standard account . After this happen in my account, I don't trust this broker anymore and I use other broker to trade...RoboForex is not good for me now. Bye bye RoboForex.


Increase forex profit income and learning
84 posts
adeberna posted:
My fear is that RoboForex not pay !

My balance is now 27000 USD

I started with 3000


And? Did you tried it? I am getting scared by reading all the replies here. I opened an account and made a deposit and withdraw straight away just to check how fast this is going en if they are honoring it..

Abederna, please do reply with your experience.
27 posts
june 2015: I am really happy with Roboforex so far

I earn money using robots.
I investted 200 € because they offer cent accounts. So i could let my robots work with 34000 '€' (i got 140% bonus).
the cent account works with 5 digits -- compared with LiteForex. There my robots make money, too. but they run on 4 digit accounts and with fixed spread (3 pips EURUSD).

Roboforex offers variable spread (approx. 1.2 pips EURUSD).
And i even got a VPS for my small amounts (!)

I am so happy with these conditions (so far) that i invested another 100 €. So now i can work live with 50000 '€' (cents).

Because of your comments regarding withdrawal i made a test and withdraw 1€.
1 minute later Skrill said: money received.

1 posts
orabi posted:
Hello all .i am trading on this market from 2001 i started with refco now how many heard about their scam and i lost some money with them also .as i am from sudan i am trying to find brokers with electronic payment and i used some of them one of them is roboforex they refused to withdraw for me my profit i have all proofs just contact me my account number is 4xxxxx.they are for your money give it to them and stay hungry champ all have a nice day :)
i am sorry for this post i am still trading with them they are ok and becoming bigger i had to correct this post they are ok and good i think dont try them with big sums yet but i may
all have a nice day :)
17 posts
Dear adeberna.

It does not matter how much you have filled up and how many do you have now on the account. Company can cancel the application for withdrawal of funds only if Company found the violation of the cleint`s agreement on the client side. Please provide your account number - we can answer about the causes and possible options for you.

Dear forex master.

The company is not bankrupt. Please do not post false information about the Company.
Please provide your account number - we can answer about the causes and possible options for you.
Probably, your address verification was rejected and your card verification demanded by mistake - in this case, we will offer you a compensation.

Dear aldofxmanagement.

Please provide the account number so that we can help you.

Sincerely, RoboForex
3 posts
hi, this broker roboforex is big scammer.
Dont deposit in this broker.
i deposited 1400 usd in this broker and i made 150% profit in 10 days with manual trading.
then i asked for withdraw. My account was fully verified. But when i asked for withdraw, then they started to harass me and asked for many documents. They canceled my withdraw and they are not verifying my documents and they are closing chat and not giving me answer. I opened ticket but they are not replying to me.

They dont want to pay me and they called me and asked me that how i made high profit in short time.
they are scammer. dont go for this broker.
they never pay profit.

11 posts
i have funded my account with skrill and withrawing my funds back to my skrill. i even used a credit card for my skrill not a bank card. i just dont get it, why do they need a bank card to withraw my funds. i still waiting for my withrawal to be processed. rumor must be right.
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