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RoboForex Review Scores

Overall score: 3.8 / 5

Total votes: 430
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RoboForex Discussion

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so far so good for me.. 😀
Menuju Bisnis abad 21 ..........!
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This broker will let you make a money for a while then will wipe up your account in different ways. I will list some of their their ways below:

1. Re-quoting: They don't do that a lot but they seem wait for the right opportunity to do it when they do it, will make you loss a massive amount within seconds. This problem occurred on both live and demo account.
Check their price of GBPUSD on 27 Apr 2011 the lowest price that day with most brokers was 1.61530 but their lowest price was 1.61243 and if you look at their H1 chart on 27 Apr 2012 at 0:00 GMT +2 you will see the re-quoting very clear. The moment the market started the other day they did their re-quoting.
The most Interesting thing is that they have the same lowest price on what they call it ECN account.

2. Take Profit & Stop Loss: Many times RoboForex server will pass your target profit or stop loss many pips wihtout closing the order. It happened with me on 26 Apr 2012 at 15:54 opened GBPUSD sell position at 1.61841 and with take profit at 1.61500, on 27 Apr 2012 at 0:00 they re-qouted the price and rechead 1.61243 and my position didn't close with target take profit. However I contacted them and they said there's no problem with our server and you're already agreed with risk disclosure when you opened you're account. Even with proofs I provided them they didn't solve the problem. Same problem happened with me last week beside the server was disconnected but unfortunately I didn't take screen shot that time but I have the log sent to them and it was the same answer. Last week made me lose $20,000. This problem occurred only on live account.

3. Server Disconnection: That's their main key to make you loss money. The server gets disconnected during important trading times, especially around the news or if you have big trades or lots open. This problem occurred only on live account.

4. Execution: Slow, average 10 sec but during high volatility or news release it's about 30 sec or even more So if you try to open an order with market execution once click buy or sell the server will take a nap until execute this order so you won't get the same price you tried to execute. This problem occurred only on live account.

*How this broker will attract you? The answer with their very low spread and fast withdrawal.

*Be careful and never thing to invest a penny with this broker.

*See attached photo and you will understand my mentioned about re-quoting, take profit & stop loss.


2 posts
ДЦ отличный, выплота моментальная, полностью доволен!!
Все в твоих руках!!!
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Robo forex started to provide trading system for it's clients for free and all those systems are really powerful. I am very much grateful to them. This facility only for their clients.
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So far they are good with me and with my large number of friends. I use their ecn account, spread start from zero there and absolutely no re-quote. Withdrawal fast and friendly customer service but a bit of slow.
I recommend this broker, they have representative in many countries. Auto deposit and withdrawal system, withdrawal as fast as with 30 mins and deposit instant. Different types of accounts and nice bonus offering. Hope to be their satisfied customer in long run.
2 posts
I am trading 15 to 20 accounts on Roboforex. They are the best i can find for LR and mt4. Withdrawals processed instantly or in 24hours. I have withdrawn more than 50 times! :)
Just do the Cool Easy Thing!
16 posts
One of the best broker right now Robo Forex, deposit in real time and withdrawal even your full investment plus plus profit with in 30 mins, if u use their ecn account, u will get spread from zero, no re-quote in their ecn account also... also nice customer service, highly recommended
4 posts
I consider Roboforex the best company in its broker segment....... no problem occured with me, withdrawed many times, had many bonuses, they are acctually great
4 posts
best cz get 30% bonus, @ any amoun of deposit..gud for newbies&small trader
slow & consistance
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look my portofolio bro,, that is my roboforex account.. I'm trying to increase my free balance,,,😀

learning by doing...
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any one trading with roboforex come on share ur trade here😁
make your business a serious little thing you do not take it low because that's where you'll find success
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