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Tifia Discussion

11 posts
Tifia recognizes that scam and now it is no longer possible to view the historical operations of the accounts if you are not a registered real account user.

After one discussion in Tifia are crying for delete thi message in the forum.

I´m going to translate...

I still do not know about the regulation and guarantees of capital, about the several million orders in a few days and then 'few trades' the following weeks, or even 'almost no trades' in the previous ones. The tens of thousands of customers apologize but I do not believe it. Look at these commands for example:

1581318 GBPJPY 2016-06-09 21:51:39 2016-06-09 23:43:10 Sell 0.01 154,688 154,905 0 154,905 -2.02
1580726 GBPJPY 2016-06-09 16:24:33 2016-06-09 16:27:33 Sell 0.01 154,356 154,294 0 154,296 +0.58

600 orders in 5 hours, 4 months ago. Now see how you explain how the millions of orders are possible. It seems you have had in the last 4 months, 8 times more trading than in the entire life of the company, even the previous (Liteforex) that is already marked as a scam in many places.

Tens of thousands of customers, but only about 1100 visits per day, including repeated ones ??? It does not fit, you lie.

Besides, you can try to justify the orders by driving the spectators crazy and as if everybody knew how to do a partial closing of orders. But now then answer me to this ...

This is the third and fourth operation that makes the count, and is using lot size 0.01 so you can not 'close partially' since there is no smaller lot.

One order is 1501500 and another 1501530, the difference is 15 days between operations, and there are only 30 orders of distance. Did all of your thousands of customers trade 30 trades in 2 weeks? Are you going to keep lying to me? Because I understand that even if 'partial' closures are made, these data shows the opening and closing dates.

But it is also that, using the photos you publish, I show you 4 orders where there are no strange things about 'partial closure' movements, but simply TP (Take Profit)

How can you justify that from Friday 07/08 to Tuesday 07/12 there are 700,000 trades? That is almost 30% of the total traded in the history of your broker?

Here we see the same, open order in 1631189 at 18:20:41 followed by a 1599207 at 19:06:13 (400,000 orders less) and followed by another 1632174 the next day, 12 hours later. Only 1000 orders after which it was made 13 hours earlier (1000 orders in half a day, with tens of thousands of customers) and in between a 'something rare'. Where in addition the comments of the photo do not indicate that they are partial closures but 'Take Profits'.

How can an account with a deposit of 1000, suddenly end up with a maximum of 148,000 USD (Ni Brexit or nothing ...) and then by 'magic' return to its normal state. Not a simple Stop ... Not a retreat ... What happened? Will they let us see these operations 'without tricks'?


11 posts
Only fake reviews from Russian Scammers Group. With only 1 post.

They cheat in tifia website all results, all managers, all social trading. Orders number it´s incorrect, they touch his platform for make fake winners and when someone are going to invest, they loose money.

example, the operation number 3796303 opens on 07/18/2016 at 0430 01 JUST THE SAME SECOND that the number 4,570,554 (800,000 more orders) How is that possible? and in between it is that you cast one, which opens 4258267 07.19.2016 to 04.45.03 good but as you are half fools, thus repeated over (at first glance I've seen) in another 3 sometimes in the same report from one of your 'super traders' martingaleros. The order 6117275 opened at the same second that the 6189183 22/07/2016 at 9:30:02 and in between we see an order 6184075 which opens at 11:35:16

Well, but I see something strange thing ... it is that you have souped trading platform by the number of orders executed, so these accounts can never be a 'ECN Real' server as preach, or else ... explain to me the following ... hOW MAY tHE NUMBERING OF ORDERS WITH DIFFERENT MATCH DATES !!! There are order numbers TOP OPENINGS FOR OTHER DATES ABOVE, SO SASSY IS A SCAM. Also, how do you justify a little broker as much with few hundreds of active clients, generate nearly 5 million operations (3.3 million on 15 July to 8 million operations on July 28) 5 million operations less than 15 days,


1 posts
Быстрая обработка ордеров...
 ...это практически самое главное для трейдера.
ни каких нареканий, все положительно и комфортно!
Даже придраться не к чему 😉
Tifia Social Trading
8 posts
Tifia брокер на оценку 5 причем твердую. Мне понравился своей простотой и ненавязчивостью, никаких лживых заманух... все прозрачно, ECN счета. Вывод отличный моментально без напряга и проблем. Поддержка на высоте оперативная и адекватная. Вот уже где-то больше полугода на Tifia и уходить не собираюсь.
1 posts
Платформа у Тифии мт4, исполнение близкое к идеальному, после других компаний можно сказать идеальное, робот который совершает 6.5 тысяч сделок в другой компании в Тифии совершил 7 с лишним тысяч сделок за 1 месяц. За счет быстрого исполнения ордеров, трейлинга и пр.

Вывод средств моментален, это вообще кайф когда нажал вывод средств и тут же они у тебя на кошельке.

Сошиал трейдинг задуман хорошо, со смартфона сайт сошиала открывается и работает как премиальное приложение для андроида.
Это плюсы, а минус на данный момент (18.08.16) только один - инвесторов (дубликаторов) пока мало в системе Сошиал трейдинг.
Но это дело наживное, только начало самое. Будем наблюдать и торговать.
1 posts
The licensed broker, found out about 'Tifia' by accident on one of the forums. I was pleasantly surprised, fast execution, tight spread, no re-quotes. Friendly tech support, rapid withdrawal. Never faced with any significant problems.
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