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Live Forex Trading Review Scores

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Total votes: 54
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Live Forex Trading Discussion

NickMcDonald (NickMcDonald)
Sep 03 2012 at 06:54
86 posts
I am the owner one of the team traders at

The site was developed to assist other like minded traders achieve financial freedom with us. We trade both manually, using successful forex strategies learned from other expert traders, with the assistance of expert advisors (EA's) and semi-automated systems. The live forex signals displayed in the trading room are a combination of all three of these trading strategies.

Our goal is to leverage off the thousands of expert traders and forex strategies already available across the world. We are here to identify true opportunities to change our lives, and the lives of our members by achieving true financial freedom.

Presently the best performing forex signal available on our site is Erio's Earner. This has achieved an amazing 100% return inside 3 months.

For more information please register for our free forex trading room. We are available to discuss the market 24hrs per day.

Find your passion and work hard
Sep 03 2012 at 06:54
1 posts
I actively follow this LTR and some signals there. The LTR as such and Nick's work gets my respect, he aims to deliver a top quality site and his integrity come thru in his dealings.
As for the signals, they need to be treated as any signals available anywhere, test them on demo, go over to live with low risk setting. Take time to understand the 'divide rate' and what level of risk it will translate into in your account. One need not neccessarily take the same level of risk as the master account

I have given only a rating of 7 for the platform as they are currently upgrading it, so it is only fair that i update my rating once the new trade copier is live and running without bugs. The current trade copier does the job and is stable but needed some more risk control settings.

Asimuz (Asimuz)
Sep 04 2012 at 13:46
2 posts
I have been part of the active 'Live Forex Trading' community for a while now, both monitoring the LTR as well as subscribing to EAs/signals.

I find Nick as well as the site 'top class'!

I experienced some technical copier 'glitches' in the beginning but Nick has always responded with professionalism and customer care in mind.

The site is very well maintained and Nick is very responsive about new development ideas and does continuous improvements.

Among several possible EA-subscriptions, Nick has also attracted mature and savvy traders who share their 'signals' live.

I personally like the mix of EAs as well as 'Signal providers' which gives you the opportunity to build a diversified portfolio.
It is also great to have the opportunity to follow and participate in the live chat feed on the site (good to learn from others and really important to try to avoid repeating mistakes :-)).

I would definitely recommend the services provided to relatives as well as friends.

I urge you to invest a couple of minutes of your time and visit the site, I am sure you will find it valuable.

Take care and happy trading!

P.s Please remember to do proper risk assessments before using real money.

Oct 17 2012 at 21:21
3 posts
I've been part of the community for some time now and just wanted to post my views.

I had many months of incredible earnings but sadly this month has been a bad one. The DD has been a little high, but its the risk I knew I was taking when subscribing to something that could return as much as 30% per month. I've dealt with Nick and his team on numerous occasions and they seem to be going from strength to strength, and even though this month has been bad, I am sure to be sticking with them as I'm confident things will turn around for the better.

Their support has been second to none with all my questions getting a timely reply usually under 30 minutes, and it appears they have live chat on 24/7 as I've never not been able to speak with someone. They've gone out of their way to help set my account up on my VPS so this is why I gave them a 10 on support.

The platform they now use is Simpletrader, and I've not had any problems and it seems to be getting better by the week.

Thanks guys, great work keep it up.

Philip5 (Philip5)
Feb 04 2013 at 07:39
2 posts
These guys are 100% genuine. I’ve never traded with an organisation that is so up front and committed to helping me make money with forex . 10/10 from me!

Mar 19 2013 at 14:55
1 posts
They are very helpful :)

asad0798 (asad0798)
Mar 26 2013 at 21:33
14 posts
very good signals and best platform .

Mar 27 2013 at 08:17
1 posts
In my dealings with Nick, I have found him to be very prompt and professional. A very positive change of pace from what's 'outthere' in the forex world!

xMrAce (xMrAce)
May 01 2013 at 15:07
4 posts
Have a few accounts with Nick and still doing good. Recommended to go for fxAMP! good service! Furthermore, there are a lot of recommended forex traders available which are selected by Nick. 1 word to describe liveforextrading, AWESOME! 😄

Patience, Patience & Patience!
May 29 2013 at 10:24
2 posts
I like Nick's approach to helping retail traders actually start to make progress in Forex trading. I've been with his service for about two months, and I can say without reservation that this is a man with integrity. If there's any problem, you can rest assured that he will step in and personally do whatever it takes to correct it. It's refreshing to see this level of service in a signal provider. Although I've gotten off to rough start, I still believe in what Nick has to offer; and I'm staying with Live Forex Trading for the long haul.

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