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NinjaTrader Review Scores

Overall score: 3.4 / 5

Total votes: 34
Ease of use
1 - worst 5 - best

NinjaTrader Discussion

Mar 21 2013 at 07:20
6 posts
no comment here? i just curious who use it

Apr 18 2013 at 12:40
4 posts
Yuz1k (Yuz1k)
Aug 17 2013 at 20:00
39 posts
a wonderful platform!... convenient to trade ... variety of timeframes... tick timeframes excellent thing to trade with short stop-loss...
of the minuses:
- No mobile version of the platform

Ramin_Rostami (Ramin_Rostami)
Aug 19 2013 at 05:15
253 posts
my love software

i hope ninjatrader admins can connect ninja to metatrader4 serrvers and we can use it in any forex brokers

Dec 24 2013 at 18:59
3 posts
junk software on every level. totally useless for backtesting purposes

Mar 17 2014 at 08:53
41 posts
I am looking for a broker, which offers a forex account with leverage up to 400:1 and starting lot of 0.01 in connection with Ninjatrader. Do you know anyone ?

For me Ninjatrader is the absolute favorite platform !

Kind regards, Thomas.

mtaylor794 (mtaylor794)
Jul 17 2015 at 08:48
3 posts
Ninjatrader is the best platform IMHO. I am a c# developer so naturally I love NT over Metatrader which is junk. I've also used jForex which I like very much but it is only supported on banks outside the US like Dukascopy. I can't believe that myFxBook doesn't support ninjatrader, that sucks. I guess I will have to go to Zulutrade and hope they do.

mwfx (mwfx)
Oct 02 2016 at 05:54
5 posts
Unfortunately NT is not the best platform for Forex: You can't hedge, you can't open and open multiple seperate positions. Also it has some weird ATM 'features', which I consider bugs, but NT support insists of 'working as intended'. Additionally you can't have a 'Strategy' (EA) supporting your manual trading, like managing Pending Orders, Trailing Stop, etc.

But it also is highly customizable and has some nice features like Tick-, Volume- and Renko-Charts. Also the support of C# is great and thus offers a Plugin-rich community. Also the 'Market Replay' connection is awesome.

I really hope they improve NT for Forex with NT8. Overall I'd give it a solid 3/5 score.

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