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Commercial Network Services Review Scores

Overall score: 3.1 / 5

Total votes: 116
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Customer service
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Commercial Network Services Discussion

AM (amowatt)
Oct 19 2011 at 21:57
28 posts
I was with CNS for 6 mths and can only say GREAT things about the CNS team. I stopped by choice to conserve funds. But I will tell you I am going to return for ANY future VPS needs.

Tech Support went beyond the call of duty every time. If i remember the head person is Barry and he is supported by a number very competent tech folks. Response time 24 x 7 is within minutes. I was really surprised by the quality of of service and product offerings. Ease of setup is also great. Thank You CNS, you have set the industry standard.

Nov 11 2011 at 16:44
16 posts
So far so good. Happy with CNS VPS hosting and I'd go as far as to say I'd recommend them too.


Direct Currency Markets (DCMforex)
Nov 30 2011 at 07:32
3 posts
Excellent service, reliable and suitable for serious high frequency traders. Good set up for MDP. Highly recommended

Mar 02 2012 at 20:46
3 posts
Customer service is second to none. Would happily recommend them.

Stuart R (stuboy16)
Mar 08 2012 at 19:29
12 posts
great customer service *****

pc8multifx (pc8multifx)
Apr 03 2012 at 15:57
879 posts
The best ever! Flawless performance since years now..

Vincent (coachzulutrade)
Apr 09 2012 at 20:51
10 posts
Good service
VPS with Hyper-V technology
Low latency with majorities of brokers located in London and NYC
I recommend !

Apr 16 2012 at 05:55
2 posts
Just paid for a new Trader's account on apr 13th. Still have not received login information on Apr 15th!!

Says new account setup is delayed because server is under maintenance. In internet time, 42 hours IS A LONG TIME!

Starting to wonder all you giving positive reviews if you work for CNS! I have applied for many hosting accounts...this is the first time I've ever experienced problems immediately right after payment! I hope the rest of the service plan goes well.

Good thing I've chosen to pay by month and not by year. BTW,' If you take out the Annual payment plan there are no refunds should you choose to cancel partway through the cycle.'

Apr 16 2012 at 07:30
3 posts
Can assure you I dont work for them. I've never had a problem with them, but they do complete maintenance over weekends. send support an email. they are usually quite quick. Good luck

Remus Miclea (NextLevelForex)
Apr 16 2012 at 15:19
262 posts
Well, I'm still happy with them, and even had an upgrade complete with very quick turnaround on Friday.

About your new setup: you placed your order on Friday and expect to be done by Sunday? It's just a guess, but I don't think they are staffed for non-critical requests over the weekend. And no, I don't work for CNS. And I would hardly consider your delay in setup a 'problem'; it's just a delay, clearly mentioned to you as I see in your post (new account setup is delayed because server is under maintenance).

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