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Commercial Network Services Review Scores

Overall score: 3.0 / 5

Total votes: 122
Ease of use
Customer service
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Commercial Network Services Discussion

28 posts
I was with CNS for 6 mths and can only say GREAT things about the CNS team. I stopped by choice to conserve funds. But I will tell you I am going to return for ANY future VPS needs.

Tech Support went beyond the call of duty every time. If i remember the head person is Barry and he is supported by a number very competent tech folks. Response time 24 x 7 is within minutes. I was really surprised by the quality of of service and product offerings. Ease of setup is also great. Thank You CNS, you have set the industry standard.
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Can give ear, if you use the VPS, the sample server pings to brokers?
51 posts
The best and most serious VPS service in the world, only this.
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35 posts
worth every single penny. Using MDP EA with them.
71 posts
Hello guys,

does anyone of you have an experience using a scalper EA with CNS. Thank you

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125 posts
I have been using CNS services, Traders's VPS and Software Publishers, for 3 years. The uptime, VPS options, latency choice from 3 server sites and customers service is why I will stay with CNS.
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84 posts
I have been used CNS for more than 1 years and still has several VPS in CNS. CNS has stable server, fast speed, and nice service. In the last one year, only one time their power had a problem and VPS were started. In one word, I am appreciated CNS.
123 posts
For me they are just best! Any discount/lowering price is welcome of course, but do not think it is a 'must' talking about them. Never (before them) got such customer service, have not had any issues, it is just plain VPS - you need it, you use it, period! And yes, the Hyper-V is jut best choice!
I will be glad if someone can recommend better one :)
262 posts
I've been with CNS for 3 months now, using the San Diego location. My ratings is: Ease of Use 10 / Pricing 7 / Features 10 / Customer Service 10. I based this scoring considering CNS in contrast with another VPS provider I use and my home server as well.

I gave the maximum score for the customer service since they answered all my questions promptly (I had a couple of questions and requests, nothing wrong on their side, just things I wanted done or explained). Also last month when they had a power outage that caused some trouble they were very quick to fix it and inform the users about the issues and the progress towards solving them.

They are more expensive than other providers (I started at $30 / month for a 384 MB RAM), but given how stable the VPS was, and considering the low latency to my broker, I incrementally upgraded to 640 MB RAM, for which I pay $35 / month. I'll probably go for a 1 year contract soon, since they offer some discounts for that.

Also, another reason I’m using them is the use of Hyper-V technology, which gives you true Windows hosting (I use an EA that won’t run in a “Windows emulated on Linux” environment).
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