Bitcoin(BTC): Candles Are Not Looking Good!

Mar 25 at 09:55
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Členom od Jan 25, 2022   165 príspevkov
Mar 25 at 09:55
Hey fellow traders,

As we step into the final week of the month, all eyes are on Bitcoin's recent movements, especially around the newly breached All-Time High (ATH) zone.

It's undeniable that we're witnessing some concerning signs near this pivotal area. Over the past three weeks, the candles have painted a rather bleak picture, with each successive week seeing a decline. Last week particularly stood out as we witnessed the re-test breaking and the candle closing in the red.

Now, as we enter this week, it's fair to say that this could be a make-or-break moment for many of us in the trading community.

If Bitcoin fails to hold above the breached zone this time around, it's highly likely that we'll witness a significant downward movement. This could entail a reclaiming of all the Former Value Gap (FVG) zones at lower levels, potentially setting off a scenario akin to a 'free fall.'

The stakes are high, and the next few days will be crucial in determining the direction of Bitcoin's trajectory.

💬 Drop your thoughts and insights below. What's your take on Bitcoin's current candle movements?

Let's keep the discussion going and navigate these uncertain waters together.

Happy trading!


Členom od Feb 19, 2024   9 príspevkov
Mar 25 at 14:04
I'm hoping for a deep retracement so that I can buy more BTC. price is too high now
Členom od May 08, 2023   66 príspevkov
Apr 07 at 20:25
Fingers crossed it will start dropping soon.
Členom od Sep 02, 2022   59 príspevkov
Apr 30 at 12:25
All crypt follows Bitcoin downwards. When will the news start to grow??
Členom od Apr 08, 2024   46 príspevkov
May 01 at 08:32
I think next 3 or 4 month will be a bear market.
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