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GOLD-> The price is still in the range. What's next?

Prince Sajir (princesajir)
Nov 30 2022 at 06:09
76 príspevkov
As we can see the price goes from the channel support to 1765, but again, the movement is not consolidated, the absence of pre-break consolidation around the level does not give the chance to expect the exit of the price from the range, so my main priority is waiting for the price to form the reversal from 1765 to 1750(1745) again.

I assume that the price will be able to form a pullback from 1765. The signal for this will be a false breakout or a rebound from the zone. The subsequent consolidation below the level of 1765 will send the price down.
BUT! Also, keep in mind that many factors influence the gold . If the level of 1765 will be broken through and the bulls will strengthen their positions above this level, we will have the potential to move towards 1780, 1795, 1807.

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Miguel Ramos (migwelo_)
Nov 30 2022 at 17:23
10 príspevkov
What do you think your next move will be once you hit that 1780-1807 range?
Dec 03 2022 at 14:17
133 príspevkov
For myself, I have long considered gold as an asset preservation option. I tried different options, but I think that gold is one of the most reliable options.
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