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NCM Conservative (Od NCM )

Zisk : +518.29%
Čerpanie 53.04%
Pipy: 5578.6
Obchodníci 1307
Typ: Reálny
Páka: 1:500
Obchodovanie: Neznáme

NCM Conservative Diskusia

chihming (chihming)
Mar 17 2020 at 09:18
76 príspevkov
icmfund posted:
We are still trading very cautiously with lowered risk until market gets back to normal. So far +3.27% gain in March and we still have 2 weeks of trading from this month.

Glad to see a signal provider considers clients' risk.
most providers just want to get more and more commission or subscription fee.

Mar 22 2020 at 20:39
10 príspevkov
will you keep lower risk next week or should i adjust my risk setting?

NCM (icmfund)
Mar 23 2020 at 10:02
80 príspevkov
@gabramov Yes, we will use lower risk this week as well. There is no need to adjust your risk setting.

Mar 26 2020 at 11:10
2 príspevkov
When I can use the free trial? You can know in advance?

NCM (icmfund)
Apr 01 2020 at 18:43
80 príspevkov
@abbatoir82 Please subscribe to our list on our website and we will notify you in e-mail.

Apr 13 2020 at 19:19
1 príspevkov
Today, the maximum drawdown has mysteriously changed from 15% to 12%. Any ideas why?

Also, ordering the trades which have resulted in the largest pip loss:

11.12.2018 22:00 11.13.2018 20:38 GBPCAD Sell 0.02 - - 1.70044 1.71815 -177.1 -26.83 22h 38m -5.12%
11.13.2018 09:55 11.13.2018 20:38 GBPCAD Sell 0.02 - - 1.70495 1.71816 -132.1 -20.07 10h 43m -4.04%
11.13.2018 13:22 11.13.2018 20:38 GBPCAD Sell 0.02 - - 1.70944 1.71808 -86.4 -13.18 7h 16m -2.76%
11.13.2018 14:33 11.13.2018 20:38 GBPCAD Sell 0.06 - - 1.71411 1.71805 -39.4 -18.26 6h 5m -3.93%

Now, look at the drawdown data for this period.

12th November: 2.3%. It's already evident on the little chart next to the trade data, that the maximal drawdown of the trade went higher than the final result of the trade (-5.12%). However, even with cumulated trades over the 24 hour period, we see a maximum drawdown of 2.3%, and mysteriously, no drawdown data whatsoever for the 13th November.

This has occurred multiple times, also on 31st March 2020 where a much higher drawdown than the <1% documented was achieved.

Simple mathematics and due diligence seems to indicate that drawdown data is not at all reflective of what is actually occurring.

NCM (icmfund)
Apr 14 2020 at 11:20
80 príspevkov

Since you are already discussing with Myfxbook about the strategy update frequency please be so kind and ask them why the DD changed before accusing us that we manipulated. How do you think we could change the maximum drawdown data on our will? What would we gain from changing 15% to 12%? Do you think there is any significant difference between the two values?
I don't understand your motivations. You already canceled your trial twice after a week. Now you are asking to try it free a third time but before you could expect an answer from us you send an unfriendly message on our forum. I sent you my answers to the rest of your questions in an email.


Apr 15 2020 at 05:55
1 príspevkov
Hi Alex,

Thanks for your reply. I couldn’t reply because you had blocked me. Please rest assured that I am not accusing you of manipulating any data at all. I am simply laying out the facts as they are, in an objective manner, and was trying to stimulate discussion about it to get an answer from somebody to account for these discrepancies.

There will be many others out there who also do their due diligence (why wouldn’t they, they’re essentially investing their own money in a system) but they don’t comment about it. In principle this looks like an excellent system with clear longevity and consistency, but when things such as drawdowns are hugely different to what is reported, alarm bells start to ring.

As I said, I am not accusing you of manipulating data. As a clearly proud system owner (rightly so, it looks like a great system), it would also help your cause if you understood these very objective and clearly documented concerns instead of becoming immediately defensive and ignoring the points which I have made.

I am not trying to be difficult or bring negative light onto the system, I’m just asking very, very reasonable questions. As an aside, I do thank you for the customer service that you have shown me with your quick replies and patient demeanour, so thank you.

Apr 21 2020 at 20:49
10 príspevkov
nice trading for this month. Good job

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