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Fondex Výsledky preskúmania

Celkové skóre: 4.6 / 5

Celkom hlasov: 61
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Dec 07 2020 at 16:30
1 príspevkov
I'm trading with ForexTB for 3 months now, so I'm just learning the company and don't know many things. In short words everything seems to be okey, I haven't faced any issues or problems for that period. I'm investing in stocks and currencies, there is a wide list of assets to trade. I can't say spreads are too low, but they're acceptable for me. What was strange is that spreads for stocks are lower than for currencies. I think that depends on market situation.
I was also looking to download mobile app, but haven't found it in the App Store. Is it available?

Dec 16 2020 at 14:47
3 príspevkov
I've been trading here not so long ago. Frankly speaking, less than a month. At first, I read some Fondex reviews, opened a demo account. But I quickly realized that I needed to switch to a live one. Because the trading conditions are excellent.
I'll explain it.
1. The platform at Fondex is available in web and download versions. Both ones have their own features. For example, if you trade with bots, you need to choose the one installed on your PC. If you trade by copying trades, you need to do it in the web version.
2. I've access to more than 1000 assets. In the past company where I traded, this was a real issue. I couldn't find the right stock. It happened that some companies showed sharp growth, but there were not on the platform. I didn't see any problems with it here.
3. Spreads and fees are very moderate. I'll be honest, whatever I wrote before, it was the costs that became the main factor in making a decision. In the end, it's the financial result that matters the most.

Dec 21 2020 at 17:24
4 príspevkov
Fondex is all about cTrader - a trading platform of the next generation that reportedly takes on legendary Metatraders in many regards. Many people find it more convenient and functional than MTs but on the other hand, there are enough traders who don’t need anything else except Metatraders. They have custom indicators and strategies built solely for MTs. Certainly, Fondex will not be able to satisfy such a conservative audience. However, tech-savvy investors, open for the latest innovations in trading will most likely appreciate cTrader since its layout gives a completely different feeling of trading.

Dec 23 2020 at 13:01
19 príspevkov
Are there any other resources for money withdrawal besides the card?

Dec 27 2020 at 03:26
5 príspevkov
How to choose the right master for copy-trading?

Jan 04 at 13:53
3 príspevkov
I'll not say that I'm delighted with the company. I've read a lot of Fondex reviews, and I don't understand general rapture. I've traded with the cTrader platform they offer before. Therefore, the quality of order execution didn't surprise me. It's high, but I didn't expect anything else. I wouldn't trade with a broker that provides average service.
I'm used to choosing the best. And I don't consider it an advantage when a broker just does what it has to do. I don't understand traders at all who write about such things as tight spreads and low fees. Guys, that's what they have to be. There can be nothing else in this matter. I'm sorry if you choose very mediocre brokers. And then you run into a typical company, such as Fondex, and take it as an advantage. Learn to respect yourself in the first place. It's my advice.
So, my review today won't about the Dutch have taken Holland. It'll stand out from the rest of the reviews. I'll note that there is a 4.5$ commission per lot for currency pairs. This is below the market average. There is a service for copying trades. And you can copy trades of any trader from the platform cTrader, even if he trades not in Fondex. This is an advantage.

Jan 10 at 01:07
1 príspevkov
I generally appreciate working with this broker. It provides decent trading conditions. It’s far more crucial for me than any other nuances, including trading platforms.
What I like most with this broker is that it allows to trade cryptocurrency without commission. You know that cryptos are facing a mind-blowing revival now. No one could imagine such impressive highs BTC is currently taking. So, it’s far more pleasant to trade this revolutionary financial instrument with this broker being aware of no commission.
I also have one question. I consider copying trades with this broker. How much should I shell out for this?

Jan 11 at 20:41
2 príspevkov
When I read numerous Fondex reviews, I had no idea that I would find something worthwhile here. I had quite specific preferences and views, but in fact I did find what I was looking for. Although I was a little bit disappointed that there is not a big educational center here, but it is hard to call that a problem either, because you can find anything you like on the Internet these days.
The fact that there are so many different formats of work - that's more interesting. If you want, you can hedge (really, without any limits), and there's also copying, where you can do trading in a passive format all the time or at least try it - why not? After all, it is this kind of experimentation and exploration in a safe mode that can be the basis for your productive development and for your professional future.

Jan 17 at 17:40
2 príspevkov
I have chosen Fondex because this brokerage offers copy-trading, one of the few brokers in the industry to offer copy-trading not through the third-party service, but directly through the trading platform. And now I have 2 insights to share with you:
1. Copy-trading is less profitable then manual trading, so if you have free time - better learn how to trade yourself.
2. In Fondex you can trade with all masters that use cTrader. That's inconvenient sometimes, as you may have different liquidity/spreads.
So keep this 2 points in your mind =)

Jan 25 at 20:12
1 príspevkov
Fondex definitely has a downloadable platform for mobile trading. It is available for both Android and IOS. And the trading platform from Fondex has very extensive possibilities for technical analysis. It's a cTrader terminal which has many professional tools. For example, there are more than 60 indicators and built-in trading signals highlighting key levels on the chart. So you can try this one and enjoy comfortable trading.

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