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Fondex Review Scores

Overall score: 4.6 / 5

Total votes: 78
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Fondex Discussion

Jun 18 at 13:48
1 posts
I really want to point out that Fondex has picked a normal range of assets - including a lot of commodities and stocks - because it really allows you to build a great investment portfolio that you can use over time and take advantage of all the fundamental analysis that is now the backbone of the market.

Jun 15 at 22:38
6 posts
My Fondex path as a broker began with the experience of copy trading. This is when trades are opened and closed automatically in sync with an experienced trader trading. I have traded this way for over a month and my average earnings were 50% per month. So that you understand, the average earnings of a beginner trader can be 3-10%. This suggests that you can make money from $ 100, but this is not the most profitable expectation ($ 1000 will make more). However, this is a sufficient amount for training.
All traders start with small amounts and achieve big results after deep learning. The size of the deposit should be gradually increased as the success in trading improves.
Thanks to the experience of copy trading with, now I am quietly doubling my deposit in a month. The withdrawal of money from the Fondex broker takes place without delays in the terms promised on the website. Also, the site contains news and analytical materials that allow you to keep up with the times and stimulate constant development.

Jun 12 at 16:13
1 posts
Although the cTrader platform is an outstanding solution for manual trading and market research, the Fondex broker does not offer any alternative. The rest of the trading conditions and broker features are above average. I appreciate the high level of support from the team.

Jun 07 at 21:05
5 posts
This broker has a good offer for trading in cryptocurrencies and currency pairs. Low spreads from 0 pips and no commission .. can you imagine that ?? But that's not all!!! A good trading platform that helps the trader to trade! How does it help ?? It has a large number of analysis indicators and quickly executes orders. You can open an order in one click!
 Also Fondex has the following advantages:
- good support service;
- quick withdrawal of money using popular methods!
- Copying deals and algorithmic trading;
- More than 1000 trading assets.
This is all that will help you to have a good and profitable trade !!

Jun 07 at 12:27
1 posts
I trade cryptos with this broker. This company is ideally suited for crypto trading. It doesn’t charge commission for trading these popular assets.
The only downside here is that they offer just one account.

Jun 03 at 21:30
1 posts
The Fondex brokerage offers the cTrader platform, which is a good sign for me that the company does not play with dealings, market making and other tricks. Commissions are moderate here, withdrawals reach my accounts in time.

Jun 02 at 19:57
1 posts
Today it is one of the best brokers. Fondex is part of a growing group of forex brokers looking to use cTrader as their only trading platform. Because of this focus on cTrader, the company is very good at promoting the platform on its website and various communication channels. Fondex cTrader offers over a thousand symbols, most of which are CFDs on individual stocks. There are very few brokers offering stocks on cTrader
The broker accepts deposits through most of the most popular bank cards (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro) and e-wallets (Skrill, Neteller, Paypal), as well as via bank transfer.

May 25 at 13:37
1 posts
I have been trading Forex for over 5 years. To be honest, my trading has become boring .. the same thing every day. I was making money but .. I wanted to change something. I started looking for another broker. I decided to try Fondex because of the new cTrader trading platform. It seemed very interesting. In addition, they said that there was improved functionality and more trading indicators. I decided to check everything myself ..
I have been trading here for the second month now and am pleased that I decided to change my broker.

May 19 at 17:55
6 posts
Fondex is preparing for its traders a journey into the world of the cTrader trading platform. This is a great opportunity to change something in the life of a trader. We are all accustomed to MetaTrader and this is not surprising, but I think we need to try something different .. For this there is a broker Fondex .. It provides several good advantages for clients:
- good trading conditions;
- new trading platform cTrader
We can remain conservative and we can become innovators. Sometimes it's better to try what's new, right ??)
Well, Fondex offers low spreads and fast execution of trades. I think this is something that many traders will like, because it will help to make higher profits. Also, to increase the positive balance on your account, there is copy trading. This is a good opportunity, I think you need to use it. You can also use trading robots. This is called cBots here.
To be honest, I am glad that this trading platform provides an opportunity to use trading robots. This is the future.
 I would also like to say that despite the simplicity of the cTrader trading platform, it also has good functionality and many analysis indicators for comfortable trading!

May 18 at 10:20
1 posts
When I was looking for the right broker for myself, low spreads were very important to me. I do not use long-term trading, but in general I prefer scalping. Therefore, low spreads were very important to me.
I have not been using this platform for a long time, but I can note the quick closing and opening of deals, which is very important when using scalping tactics. Floating spreads are a bit unusual, but you can track floating spreads on their official website in real time. I tried to scalp bitcoins and was pleasantly surprised by the trading fees.

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