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Celkové skóre: 3.6 / 5

Celkový počet hlasov: 223
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Tickmill Diskusia

Magnetpro (Magnetpro)
Oct 24 2017 at 06:18
1 príspevkov
I tried them for a few months. I opened demo account first and used 3 different EA to test strategies. 2 EA traded very good, 1 account was killed....hahaha. Too much risk in 1 trade on news breakout. After I installed my EA and traded with welcome account. Little profit, but no loss. Now I am ready to start small account with my EA with real server.
I tried other 2 brokers with same EA before. But Tickmill give low spread. And I found commision very low, my another brokers take more commision 2 times!!!
So time to try another broker with real account!
I also asked for bonus my account manager, but they say they are not bonus broker but they cover my deposit and withdrawal fees. Also not bad. Also they do not change leverage in news period like my other 1 broker changes.

I can't trade (Icantradeproject)
Oct 24 2017 at 06:18
1 príspevkov
I use Tickmill UK for almost a year now and I am extremely pleased with their services. Spreads are good, can't complain about execution, client support and withdrawals are always very quick. I use them for trading mql signals and often I have better results then signal provider :)

Isaak (easyx)
Oct 16 2017 at 07:25
3 príspevkov
I still have an small account with them, i can tell that the execution is pretty bad. Some weeks they have been very good, then suddenly the spreads increased and execution was a pain... not just for me, was just bad in general from june-august this year (EURUSD) now they are a bit better again. I would never trade with them with big money, my mate had 1$ slippage with a bigegr XAUUSD trade once.... 1$!! For scalping and spread sesitive strategies... be careful. Long term they are better, with small lot you get better prices and swaps are pretty good. It's not that they are the worst, with cashback they are pretty cheap. Some may be happy with them.

Note that i always compare at least 3 brokers with same EA, so most of the time they trade alle the same 1:1, without this kind of testing you may dont notice execution problems at all.

Oct 10 2017 at 06:41
14 príspevkov
Tickmill recently acquired Vipro Markets and now has 3 licenced companies in the group. Is the service quality of Vipro the same as Tickmill?

Eds (eds_)
Sep 14 2017 at 16:59
5 príspevkov
Highly recommending you, stay away from them. Have been trading with lot of brokers, haven't seen such execution nowhere of any order. Every one who is happy, don't count anything. With small spread, you actually trade with high spread forexample eurusd at least 1-1,5p + commission.

If you ar swing trader, then i cant tell you much, as those small 1-1,5 difference is not big deal. But scalping and day traders, no way.

FXbrokertester (vgasper)
Sep 08 2017 at 11:50
89 príspevkov
Looking for my new broker and I found lot of this about tickmill:

(more: https://www.forexpeacearmy.com/forex-reviews/8718/www.tickmill.com)


Im writing about my experiences, so yours can be different ;)
Aug 27 2017 at 06:07
5 príspevkov
I'm running my EA on 3 broker to compare the differencies; I've noticed that at breakout levels, Tickmill is increasing their spread with more than 20 points and the price was jumping up and down; at the same time the spread with IC-Markets and Darwinex were normal and stable resulting a loss on Tickmill, while the others resulted in profit.

Jul 17 2017 at 06:47
13 príspevkov
my only complaint about tickmill is I dont get 0 spread as their mention in the opening account form. I can easily see raw core spread with 0 for main pair like eurusd jpyusd gbpusd with other ecn broker. I consider their spread is high on average and this is not good for prime broker like tickmill. I can mention few broker here that I can trade easily with 0 spread, but just leave it to tickmill to rectify this issue. after month of trading with them I never never see 0 spread on eurusd. prime broker should have better quote.

take it as much as you can
Jul 17 2017 at 06:47
13 príspevkov
mka78 posted:
eds_ posted:
It is very interesting, every one have so positive reviews of them. Looks like I only one who have problems.

Can some one check and confirm that they don't have such problems as I have, before I contacting them.

All, I mean all my orders getting filed with worth price as they are requested. If I set order to enter market for buy at price 0,0020 order fills with 0,0025 and if my SL is set at 0,0015 it will end up with 0,0010 and opposite if I set my order to sell at price 0,003 it will open at price 0,0025 and SL will be fill from 0,004 to 0,0045.

Price is correct only if I do trading manually, then I cant see any slipping of price. But orders 100% are worse for me.

I just made statistic, and find out that in average on this way my commission to them is no 4$ per lot but more then 10$. And that's a lot.

Even on statements, clearly seen that order is set at that price, but close is different.
Hope to hear from your experience.

I have the same issue here and i can confirm what you wrote and that's the reason I am withdrawing all my funds and profits and switching to another broker. I prefer a transparent Market Maker broker over a broker who is claiming himself ECN NDD DMA STP.

are you new to trading forex. You will not get the same price for your stop, this is normal. understand how the bid and offer work first before complaint :)

take it as much as you can
Pip Vision
May 28 2017 at 07:46
10 príspevkov
Fakeera posted:
Tickmill is not real ECN broker.
I asked them proof it they are real ECN broker and in return thy closed all my accounts without any notice.
More over I requested the same thing to Vipro Markets. They did the same.
Note that Tickmill is white label solution provider to Vipro Markets

Bro that's the BS, its not a valid reason to close your accounts. As a proof they are ECN you can check their institutional branch https://www.tickmillprime.com, they offer liquidity for other brokers.
And here is my account with them https://www.myfxbook.com/members/woodcutter/pulse-tickmill-real/1757067, been there from August 2016, although doing manual trading I don't care about spreads much, I still had some cases during news trading where they reimbursed some of my loss due to off market fill. They are 100% honest as they care about clients and do entertain our requests.

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