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Celkové skóre: 3.6 / 5

Celkový počet hlasov: 957
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Signal Start Diskusia

13 príspevkov
revenue % low against the fee paid; systems with martingale and with a live under the year gain visibility frauding peoples on simulations
31 príspevkov
ranking system is misleading. and strategy pricing is not under control and misleading. I think you should limit strategy pricing in a certain range which tied with the history of the strategy account.
1 príspevkov
DonLazlo posted:
A great idea very well done. A lot of transparent and well predictable profits for ridiculous monthly fees in most of the cases. An excellent, no brainer ROI.
6 príspevkov
what would be the number one lower prices to the level of your first competitor
6 príspevkov
Good Signal service so far.
1 príspevkov
Best signal provider out there :)
1 príspevkov
3 príspevkov
Great way to make money if you simply have a good EA
I need my daily FiX of FX
1 príspevkov
It is always easy to find the subscribers for a good signal on this server!
2 príspevkov
12 príspevkov
1 príspevkov
Easy to use, and profitable if you do your homework and choose the right signal. And if the one you choose doesn't work, it is easy to switch. I highly recommend this service.
1 príspevkov
1 príspevkov
4 príspevkov
Nice and perfect service
1 príspevkov
no good signals. But platform is good
1 príspevkov
I used them for a few month, but not doing it anymore. My reasons:

1. A lot of signal providers, who start with account of 10-50 USD, they make 'miraculous' one or two trades and suddenly their performance is 1000+%. They are not filtering those 'traders'.
2. You have no feedback about the system, if your signal provider is not trading, you have no chance to contact him/her to find out if it is intentional or not ... I was subscribed to one of them, with pretty nice history, payed 50USD/month, but 2 months from 3 he did not traded with no message to his followers ...
3. Support is very slow, nice, trying to response, but slow
4. You have no chance to discuss / rate signal providers ...

Anyway, a lot of my colleagues is using them and they are ok with ... for me, not very good.
Good luck to all
1 príspevkov
9 príspevkov
pretty good
We treasure each encounter.
5 príspevkov
Here is information/services I lack & disadvantages:
- number of subscribers for 3rd party signals are unknown (unlike MQL5 service)
- signals rating calculation could be more reasonable
- no possibility to advertise/market my signal
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