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Most traders don't get success

Jan 17 at 07:51
464 poster
It's true that most traders don't get success in forex. The reason is their trading decisions are not based on sound research and learning. They think forex is a cash machine. You trade and procure immense cash. They don't consider it as a business.

Jan 18 at 12:11
21 poster
most of the traders don't get success because one, they are heavily impatient and second, they do not understand the mathematics that governs the market.
most of the traders think that they can utilise leverage, margin trading and futures trading to earn money ht the truth is, more than 70% of such traders fail.
traders also fail because they are involved with the wrong broker.

Jan 18 at 18:57
28 poster
Most traders are unrealistic and think they will be rich overnight

Jan 18 at 20:09
232 poster
I think most traders lose their money in this risky market because of their low knowledge and experience.

Jan 19 at 01:34
523 poster
Most traders refrain from achieving success due to low knowledge. To be successful in trading, of course, research and information gathering is essential.

Jan 19 at 02:04
231 poster
Most traders face loss because they want rich quickly in forex but have no knowledge and skills and expertise.

Jan 29 at 11:56
80 poster
Most traders don’t get success because of lack of proper knowledge and skill-set. They start expecting a lot from the market and think of the forex market as a get-rich-quick scheme.

Jan 30 at 13:44
484 poster
There are lot of reasons for traders' failure, over trading, revenge trading, do not follow proper risk management etc.

Jan 30 at 18:44
7 poster
In Forex, in order to be successful, you need to study the experience of successful brokers, their advice, strategies, etc.

Jan 31 at 06:30
461 poster
Learning trading require time. So, none can be successful overnight.

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