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Over-trading is a very harmful

Mar 22 at 08:31
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Thanks for the reply but I certainly don't agree that someone can control an emotion. Emotion is not something that a human can control. Emotions is what makes us human and you cannot control it. Instead, you need to be aware that you have such emotion during the trading but never allow it to affect your trading decision.

Mar 24 at 05:23
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Yes, people should know when to put a stop to trading and not fall into the trap of overtrading.

Chelsea Blacks (blackChelsea)
Mar 24 at 08:40
107 inlägg
To get rid of over trading, trade with stop losses it help to reduce the downside risk.

Mar 24 at 20:42
3 inlägg
setting or not setting stoploss has nothing to do with over-trading

Keaton Richards (keatonrichard)
Mar 25 at 06:15
30 inlägg
LukeRachel posted:
Over-trading is a very harmful emotion. If you trade over, you are more likely to lose. And managing risk here is a little tricky.

Ah yes there’s literally no end to the damage done because of overtrading, one of them being opening too many positions. Often traders believe to hit the jackpot of some of the trades while as a matter of fact, most of the trades will end up in losses.

Mar 25 at 08:10
22 inlägg
What’s the money management plan gonna do when you have tons of open positions taking money out of your P&L?

Keaton Richards (keatonrichard)
Mar 26 at 04:58
30 inlägg
Anoxiare posted:
What’s the money management plan gonna do when you have tons of open positions taking money out of your P&L?
That’s the reason I always keep my number of open trades with turnkeyforex at a level where I can manage in case things go haywire. I have learnt from my previous experience with IG how opening too many positions can be such a baaad idea!

Mar 26 at 11:42
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UweMoench posted:
Over-trading is a very harmful element. I have lost the investment of many of my accounts by overtaking. So I understand that overtrading can cause a lot of problems in psychology. Overtrading can ruin a trading career. The market is open 24 hours but not always traded in the market. Now if you are trading in this situation, you are not eligible to trade. If you do not give up overtrading, you will never see success in trading.

hard to fix as a habit tho

Mar 29 at 01:29
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Yes, of course. I have lost so much of my investment in over-trading. So I never support over-trading.

Mar 29 at 14:27
27 inlägg
Every trader should know that consistent trading is not good. Trade when it is necessary when the market is not volatile. Trading for 24hrs straight can lead to stress and affect the following trades that can be converted into easy profits.

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