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Aug 03 2017 at 06:58
78 inlägg
Descending Triangle has broken through the support line at 02-Aug-23:00 2017 GMT-2.
 Possible bearish price movement forecast for the next 23 hours towards 0.7892.


Aug 12 2017 at 11:40
1487 inlägg
It looks like the pair has rebounded from 0.7835. There could be a new move up to 0.7930.

Aug 21 2017 at 10:53
15 inlägg
I'm already long on AUDUSD. Looking to hold for at least a month

Dmitry Vladislav (VladislavFXbook)
Aug 27 2017 at 06:36
3 inlägg
We totally have different approaches to this but I think I will stick with my trade pattern and indicator ... thanks

Aug 28 2017 at 06:16
29 inlägg
Gold did not follow up with eur-usd breakup. May Aussie wait for RBA rate news run?

Aug 31 2017 at 14:38
15 inlägg
Any more analysis from paidsignal?

Sep 01 2017 at 10:08
6 inlägg
i am a trader, i am trading with master invest of Teletrade. I have gained approximate 80% over the year. Terminal of Teletrade has a stable running as well not be requotes every single time that i putted an order when i copied any transaction from Synctrading. Good Trading !

Sep 04 2017 at 14:05
1487 inlägg
The longterm range this pair is stuck it makes it almost impossible to trade unless one is opening very shortterm positions.

Sep 07 2017 at 14:53
12 inlägg
I like the low volatility. Good time to scalp

Sep 09 2017 at 12:47
1487 inlägg
I am not very good at scalping, so the new move north was very helpful. I was tired of being bogged down in the range.

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