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What is your trading schedule?

Nov 05 2021 at 15:44
801 inlägg
I try to trade for at least 7-8 hours every day. As for me, this is quite optimal.
Nov 06 2021 at 02:11
788 inlägg
I like to trade in new work sessions. Because at this time the volatility of the market increases.
Nov 06 2021 at 09:30
939 inlägg
I try to trade every day. I can't say that you need to work for a certain amount of time, but I try to work as long as possible, if possible.
Nov 09 2021 at 15:10
20 inlägg
Every trader determines his/her schedule by himself/herself, according to their daily schedule. I personally try to trade every day. I'm fond of scalping and always try to make up to 15 trades per day. I try not to make as much trades as I can, but I reach for the result. If I reach the result on my day for 5 trades, I usually stop. However, sometimes I want to continue, despite the fact that I wisely understand that I'd better stop. Always try to control your emotions in such cases. Emotions sometimes can betray you a lot and you will be able to lose everything you earned.
Nov 09 2021 at 17:35
759 inlägg
I usually trade in London and New York overlap sessions.
Nov 10 2021 at 17:01
869 inlägg
As a part-time trader, I only trade in my free time.
Dec 27 2021 at 07:35
617 inlägg
Now I am spending my time here based on my own trading routine! It helps me a lot; and my motto is spending the quality time only!
Seb King (sebking1986)
Dec 27 2021 at 11:51
538 inlägg
First few hours of London and New York sessions.
If you can't spot the liquidity then you are the liquidity.
Dec 27 2021 at 11:58
48 inlägg
Me too, overlapping of London and New-York session.
Dec 27 2021 at 12:02
751 inlägg
I am doing full time trading & always trying hard to update my own trading skill.
Dec 27 2021 at 16:01
939 inlägg
I try to work every day. But it depends on what kind of work results and what market conditions are now.
Dec 28 2021 at 02:29
788 inlägg
LyudmilLukanov posted:
As a part-time trader, I only trade in my free time.
Your thoughts are fine, but not always traded. Have a perfect time to trade.
Dec 28 2021 at 02:37
176 inlägg
As a beginner in forex trading, I am learning more and more about the market. Although I am unfamiliar with the types of trading mentioned, I am interested in learning more about them.
Jan 17 2022 at 06:58
28 inlägg
Being a part-time trader, I only trade when the market overlaps. However, I regularly dedicate an hour or so to read the market or to learn something new about forex.
Jan 20 2022 at 20:10
18 inlägg
Everything depends on the day actually. Three days a week I start trading with Asian session, while other days I start whenever I want it. Actually, it's considered to be a cool schedule, because I am literally not attached to particular schedule. I'm an independent trader. I guess here everybody decides on his own, what schedule to build, according to your personal needs. No doubts, that all of us have other businesses during a day, so try to build a schedule, taking into consideration other activities.
Moreover, you have to understand that only well-built system will work on you. In this case you can count on success.
Nov 28 2022 at 09:38
75 inlägg
Majority of the traders are kicked out of the market just because they prefer taking higher risk in trading.
Nov 30 2022 at 06:50
128 inlägg
I am a supporter of the idea that chart trading is not the right idea. At the very least, I try to trade at the point in time when I am sure of achieving a positive result.
Miguel Ramos (migwelo_)
Nov 30 2022 at 16:40
10 inlägg
Baccasa34 posted:
Majority of the traders are kicked out of the market just because they prefer taking higher risk in trading.

Exactly, It's odd how people are willing to put a lot on the line in trading... If you're going to trade in high amounts at least know what your doing, and what strategies you are implementing.
We are always WINNING!
Dec 01 2022 at 07:29
11 inlägg
My trading schedule includes reading and learning about the forex market and then practicing my strategies and plans in the demo account and ending my day by watching some motivational videos.
Dec 01 2022 at 11:34
61 inlägg
I trade with EURUSD, so the best time for me is during London and New York time, also, EURUSD is most active between 1200 and 1500 GMT.
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