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Forex Ringleader Professional Money Managers Since 2005 - ForexRingLeader.com (Genom Forex Signals By Forex RingLeader )

Förstärkning : +1377.0%
Uttag 86.00%
Pips: 2467.3
Trades 183
Typ: Demo
Hävstångseffekt: -
Handel: Okänd

Forex Ringleader Professional Money Managers Since 2005 - ForexRingLeader.com Diskussion

Jul 29 2012 at 02:53
15 inlägg
Scam alert! Forex ringleader is a total scam! One of their Sydney based clients recently invested $5000 into their 'fully managed FX account' With in 3 weeks Forex Ring leader had traded their $5000 account down to $4 dollars in less then 8 trades. They did this by over leveraging and then blaming the broker FXCM on the mistake...No refund was given and all client contact was ceased. For more information regarding forexringleaders please contact myself on 61413029789 email [email protected]
Jul 29 2012 at 08:39
1439 inlägg
thanks for info
that unlucky client should report FPA.
Jul 29 2012 at 10:16
15 inlägg
Dear myFXbook owners and staff,

Hello I am writing to you to urge you to not allow Forexringleader to use your services and advertise here. They are advertising and claiming that they never lose money and they have a 100 percent guarantee to not blow your account. Recently a very good friend of my here in Sydney was scammed by them out of $5000. I know the only reason he initially went with them was because of their claims of '1300% gain' as verified in myfxbook. he based his decision on the reputation of your website.

The forex industry is full of con men and rip offs who are out to make money on guilble hard working people. Please do not allow your web site to be 'tainted' by criminal organisations such as Forexringleader. traders need to protect and stand up for their industry and livelihood by exposing these dirty con artists and it demeans and brings down myfxbook when these money ripoff merchants and fraudulent foreign exchange companies are allowed to proliferate here unchecked.

Yours sincerely,
C Mayhew
Sydney Australia

Jul 29 2012 at 12:24
27 inlägg
first of all everyone should do their due diligence. secondly, why would anyone based on DEMO? to invest? I have seen many DEMOs made 100 into 1 million in a day, but can they do the same in LIVE? apparently almost impossible.

So? Go for real accounts, and that draw down is already too high, anything more than 25% is far more than high risk/speculative.

Jul 29 2012 at 20:07
15 inlägg
I totally agree with both comments, unfortunately this is a costly education for those who are new and may have read this company's claims and bio ...see below!

Here's an example of blowing up a $5000 account in 3 weeks and eight trades later by a fully managed account operated on behalf of the client by ForexRingleader. This must be a all time record for blowing up an account by a self claimed 'professional money managers'


'There is absolutely no reason any traders should suffer trading losses and a blown margin called trading account. It is unfortunate that many new traders are underfunded and cannot afford the high cost associated with The Best Forex Alert Service Providers. '

' We have never lost or blown a members account. This is a limited offer $99 Includes e-mail alerts & Wireless SMS Text Message alerts to any Location on the planet. Don’t Place another trade or risk another loss'

After the client contacted Forexringleader for an explanation he was told that they had several 'miss quotes' by there broker and then refused to give any refund or other explanation.

myfxbook does the whole fx industry a great disservice by allowing these criminals to advertise on the myfxbook website. It makes myfxbook seem shonky also.

Forex Signals By Forex RingLeader (Fxringleader)
Jul 30 2012 at 14:57
95 inlägg
In College (Harvard Business) we are Taught that Controversy and a few negative reviews actually sells more Books 'Think' 50 Shades of Grey' or Music Eminem or Marilyn Manson or Movies 'SAW' first Movie had terrible reviews 'blood murder & mayhem ' several years later 5 movies later it's a world wide hit! ...

No System is perfect, but we do our best. Our main product is manual alerts. We just started providing Signals in an “automated format” at the start of 2012.

The account on myfxbook was our first beta prototype. Our main system is coded in Joone, so there were a few compatibility issues with transferring our logic to an MT4 system for proper execution to all the different broker configurations that exist... we also made a few pages worth of code enhancements over the past month. Tested, re-tested & tested some more, this new account can be found in our Portfolio. It will clearly show all the system trade details. Entry, Exits SL, TP etc. We appreciate every ones comments and reviews (good or bad), we encourage open community dialog if you don’t like something tell us.

Post it here or email us at [email protected] or if you have an idea on where we can improve transparency or anything Post it here or email us using the above email or hit our live chat button on our web site “we do listen”

You can also post on 1 of the internet’s largest review sites: www.forex-scam.com which monitors all types of investment web sites and other related industry’s not just Forex..l

 see Our review page here: https://www.forex-scam.com/forex-signals-review/141-fxringleader-review.html
Forex Signals By Forex RingLeader (Fxringleader)
Nov 15 2012 at 15:51
95 inlägg
Update to the Trading Community we have resolved a lot of things – with Plan 5 that we first started Last year. (Dealing with so many different Broker API’s) We made new enhancements and refined All Node Connections and then tested it some more, refined it again and then tested a whole lot more.... what’s new about this version, It can trade 'ANY PAIR' most Ea's are optimized for 1 or 2 pairs. Since our system does not need Meta trader and using a totally different frame work 'JOONE' We can do things that are just not possible with MT4 or MT5 , now in this new account we have posted

(See Link Below) we are showing off its new capabilities. We Caught Some Heat (Constructive Feed Back in its Many Forms) for our first prototype version we first tried 1 year ago. But 1 year later we are very happy and pleased to show off the new results. We have been providing Forex trading signal alerts since 2005 and the trading community expects nothing but the best from a brand name Forex signal provider.


This new Version has very low modest drawdowns and High Pip Turn Over doing over half a thousand trades in 48 hours. This system means business and holds nothing back. Effectively Hunting Trading Stops our signature trading style & Specialty.
We build for traders who want only the Best. – This is the New FxRingLeader Plan 5

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